Historic tour

Angelicus: Adrian Hall

One of the main features of Angelicus, now Adrian Hall, was the rotunda, a circular lounge surrounded by windows running entirely to the ceiling. Masonry flower boxes surrounded these windows which were protected from the sun by a concrete "canopy."

Turning north from the rotunda and looking out on Northeast Second Avenue were the science classrooms on first and second floors. Facing the mall and going west were the administrative offices of the academic dean, her secretary and the business manager. The music room was in the same area but was later moved across Northeast Second Avenue.

Facing west from the dean's office were classrooms which were equipped with gas heaters for chilly days. The heaters, placed below the windows and parallel to the floor, ran almost the length of the room. Each room had both front and back doors. The classrooms continued on both floors, almost to the end of the corridor. The last room on first floor, which had been cut to one-half the size of a classroom, was the most popular place on campus, the post office.

Adrian Hall

Class in Adrian Hall