How Do I Document My Disability?

Documentation requirements vary according to each student’s disability and situation. If documentation of a student’s disability is needed, it should be provided by a licensed professional who has relevant experience and has no personal relationship with the individual being evaluated. In general, that professional should provide information to establish the existence of the student’s disability, describe the nature of the disability, explain the limitations of the student, and offer accommodation recommendations.

Please note that a letter from your healthcare provider stating your diagnosis and that you are entitled to accommodations is not sufficient. It is also important to keep in mind that while your healthcare provider should make accommodation recommendations, his/her recommendations are suggestions. The appropriateness of those recommended accommodations will be determined by the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) Director. Therefore, you may not be granted the accommodations that your healthcare provider specifies.

Documentation should be current (no more than three years old), but in some cases older documentation may be accepted. The OAS has established documentation guidelines for various disabilities, and in most cases has a form to help a healthcare provider easily communicate the information needed. Students may access the various forms for healthcare providers on this website. See below: