Prerequisites and Preparatory Workshops

Business Prerequisites

Students must have completed an undergraduate accounting degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who hold a Bachelor's degree in a discipline other than accounting must achieve equivalency in accounting. Applicants who are coming from a discipline other than Accounting may also need to complete the noncredit workshops listed below. This requirement will be determined during the application review process.

  • Pre-calculus and statistics: 20 hour workshop (BUS 511W)
  • Finance: 6 hour workshop (BUS 514W)

Accounting Equivalency

Students without a Bachelor degree with a major in Accounting must take appropriate accounting courses that parallel the coursework of a Barry University undergraduate degree with a major in Accounting.

Writing proficiency

Applicants who do not demonstrate adequate writing skills will be required to successfully complete a writing skills workshop before or during the first year of graduate study.

  • Writing for Business: 20 hour workshop (BUS 518W).