Alumni Spotlight: Rehaf Alabdaly

Alumni Spotlight: Rehaf Alabdaly

What year did you graduate from Barry University?


What degree did you earn?

Bachelor’s in Clinical Biology with a specialization in Medical Technology

Tell us more about yourself and what you’ve been up to

When I was a little girl, some of my favorite cartoons included the Power Puff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory. One of those cartoons was about saving people’s lives and the other was about laboratory experiments. I enjoyed those cartoons the most because I wanted to be like them; I wanted to save lives and do my own experiments.

As I grew older, I started making my own experiments. I used to mix different types of liquids and solids together just to satisfy my curiosity of what the reaction might be. After high school, I decided to travel across the ocean to continue my education. I applied to Barry University because I visited their campus prior to my graduation. What attracted me the most to Barry University was the size of their classrooms and the diversity of students I had seen around campus.

Therefore, I knew that Barry was the right choice for me because in this University I was exposed to people from different cultures and backgrounds, and we were all treated with the same level of respect and received high education.

At Barry, I applied to the clinical biology program and specialized in medical technology. Therefore, I got the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a scientist and making a difference in people’s lives. Not only have I achieved my dream, I also managed to graduate with honors. I believe that the education I received from my professors, the one-on-one classroom interactions, the support of my classmates, and the practical techniques I learned in Barry’s facilitated laboratory classrooms were some of the main reasons behind that.

I absolutely enjoyed my experience at Barry University, and I am thankful for the education I have and the people I met along the way. I am proud to say that I am a Barry University graduate, and because of my experience at Barry I now have brothers and sisters from all around the world with different cultures and backgrounds.

Today, I work as a medical technologist in one of the biggest hospitals in Saudi Arabia. I brought back everything I learned from Barry University and my time in the United States with me to Saudi Arabia. The most important thing that I always keep in mind and try to teach my coworkers while working is what my supervisor Sumera Ackbarali used to tell us: "One lab, one team." This quote always keeps me focused on the reason why I became a medical technologist. I am living my dream of saving lives by working with others that share the same dream.