A message of thanks from Barry alumna Dr. Debra Varela

A message of thanks from Barry alumna Dr. Debra Varela

Dr. Lee,

I first want to apologize for being delayed with this note. As you know, we take a few days away and play "catch up" for a week afterward!

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on how wonderful the pinning celebration was. These things don't just fall together, and I greatly appreciate the planning and work that you, as director, and the administrative assistant staff members put into the event. My husband and I were both so impressed by the ceremony, venue, food, speaker and the warm welcome by the Barry family.

I personally have enjoyed this program more than I can express and will miss the interaction with the faculty and my peers. Dr. Shambo talked me "off the ledge" during the first DNP weekend, and I am so thankful she did. I'm not sure if my hesitancy was worry that I didn't have the capacity to fulfill the work involved because I doubted my own ability or feared the time commitment, but you all encouraged and supported me along the way and here I am! I was continually complimented on my writing, personal attributes, and scholarship, and my confidence grew in new directions. It isn't often a person is privileged to such support and growth at my stage of life and career. I have Barry to thank for this.

You have been a constant positive presence, Dr. Lee, from our initial interview through pinning. I admire your energy, your eloquence and your scholarship. The class of 2017 was blessed with so many wonderful educators and advisors propelling us to the finish line. I continue to have the guidance and support of my advisors, Drs. Newman and Valdes, for which I am immensely grateful.

Please extend my appreciation to the Barry University administration, faculty and supporting crew. I have to say that the photographers have the patience of Job! Photographing our group must be like herding cats, but I am sure they captured some wonderful images.

I hope to not lose touch with the Barry family, and fully intend to keep close contact with my classmates whom I have grown to love.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Debra Varela, DNP, CRNA (Yay!)