Student Alumni Association

The Office of Alumni Relations is proud to support a very special group of Barry Proud students within the university's very own student alumni association, the Barry University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA).

What is The Barry University Student Alumni Association?

The Barry University Student Alumni Association (BUSAA) is designed to further enhance the affinity relationship between Barry University and its future graduates, by instilling a sense of pride and community amongst the current student body and constituency of Alumni. Members will act as advocates for the University where they will continually work to promote and live out its mission on campus and in the community. In return, BUSAA members will be aided in their quest for professional knowledge, networking opportunities, and personal development along their path to graduation.

The BUSAA Mission Statement

“To prepare future graduates for a life after commencement enriched with personal and professional skills, connections, and experiences, as well as an everlasting bond with their alma mater developed, through interactions with Barry University students, faculty, staff, and most importantly - our Alumni.”

How do I join?

Joining Barry's Student Alumni Association is easy! Simply email the Director of Alumni Relations for more information. Prospective members are welcome to attend one of the regular BUSAA meetings to learn more before joining. There is an opportunity at each BUSAA meeting for new members to be inducted

What's in it for me?

BUSAA helps to focus upon the “finish line” that is graduation by keeping members mindful of their futures as Barry alumni. Our members have exclusive access to mentoring programs, membership appreciation events, interactive gatherings with the Alumni Association, complimentary Barry gear, as well as a number of leadership opportunities within the organization and outside projects. BUSAA makes it possible for members to develop their networking and leadership skills while serving the Barry community.

Learn more about Programs and Member Benefits.