Degree Plan

Head-Start Plan

ANE 627A - Advanced Research and Evidence Based Practice, ANE 525A-Professional Aspects of Anesthesiology, and ANE 560-Chemistry and Physics for Anesthesia can be taken online during the summer and fall semesters prior to spring enrollment.

Spring (Semester 1)

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ANE 500ABasic Principles of Anesthesia3
ANE 510Pharmacology I3
ANE 520Pathophysiology I3
ANE 525AProfessional Aspects of Anesthesiology1
ANE 535Clinical Practicum I1
ANE 560Chemistry and Physics for Anesthesia3

Summer (Semester 2)

ANE 545AAdvanced Principles of Anesthesia:Obstetrics2
ANE 555APharmacology II3
ANE 565APathophysiology II3
ANE 570ARegional Anesthesia and Pain Management2
ANE 575Clinical Practicum II1
ANE 627AAdvanced Research and Evidence-Based Practice3

Fall (Semester 3)

ANE 580APharmacology III3
ANE 585APathophysiology III3
ANE 590AAdvanced Principles of Anesthesia: Cardiovascular and Thoracic2
ANE 595Clinical Practicum III1

Spring (Semester 4)

ANE 540AAdvanced Principles of Anesthesia:Pediatrics2
ANE 550AAdvanced Principles of Anesthesia: Specialty Care1
ANE 605Clinical Practicum IV1
NURA 678

Advanced Health Assessment and Differential Diagnosis 


Summer (Semester 5)

ANE 600ALeadership and Health Care Systems3
ANE 630Clinical Practicum V1

Fall (Semester 6)

ANE 650Anesthesia Seminar I2
ANE 660Clinical Practicum VI1

Spring (Semester 7)

ANE 670Anesthesia Seminar II2
ANE 680Clinical Practicum VII1
CMP 699Comprehensive Examination0
Total Credits54

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