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Master of Science Program in Anesthesiology at Barry University

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Barry's Program:

Jennifer Koss - Graduate May 2006

Jennifer Koss, MS, CRNA
Graduate May 2006

  1. Get a head start with our Head Start Plan for Admitted Students.
  2. Expert clinical and classroom faculty.
  3. Five geographic regions throughout Florida - and numerous clinical partners from which to choose.
  4. "High tech" learning environment with "High touch" faculty.
  5. Personalized attention from admission through graduation.
  6. Well-established program in Florida since 1993!
  7. Accredited through 2020
  8. Opportunity to participate in more than three times the required number of clinical cases and anesthesia hours.
  9. Learn it all: General, regional, sedation, invasive line insertion, OB, hearts, trauma, and more!
  10. Outstanding Board passing rate! Scores above the national average. See our outcomes!

You deserve to be with the best!

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