Academic Services


Barry University is committed to the education and graduation of its student-athletes. Consistent with this commitment, the athletic department monitors academic progress and provides support services where necessary.

Program goals are:

  • To assist the student-athlete in maintaining good academic standing and progress toward the baccalaureate degree
  • To graduate each student-athlete by completion of athletic eligibility
  • To protect and promote the academic integrity of the University
  • To comply with all University policies and procedures and NCAA rules and regulations

Types of Assistance Offered

Academic Monitoring

Course progress and class attendance are monitored throughout the semester. Professors regularly send reports regarding attendance, grades, and class participation to the assistant dean. Mid-term deficiencies and semester grades are also monitored through computerized records. All reports are reviewed by the assistant dean and the head coach. Student-athletes in need of assistance are thus identified and can receive immediate academic tutoring or other help.

Study Hall

The Study Hall system assists the student-athlete to develop time management skills and achieve academic success. It is a tool used by student-athletes to develop sound study habits. Student-athletes must meet their Study Hall hourly requirement each and every week.

BUCS Tutoring

The Barry University Community Service (BUCS) Tutoring Team provides student-athletes with individual and/or group tutorial assistance in subjects other than English or mathematics and allows student-athletes and others an opportunity to contribute service to the community. Members of the BUCS Tutoring Team are identified by the assistant dean, though tutors may also apply independently. Ten to twenty student tutors are available for individual assistance upon request. Additional assistance is provided through the Learning Center from tutors who are recommended by department chairs, faculty members, and deans. Tutor training sessions precede actual tutoring responsibility. Supplemental instruction (SI) courses are also offered by the Learning Center.

Study Skills and Developmental Skills Workshops

Workshops are scheduled in cooperation with the Learning Center throughout the semester to assist student-athletes identified as needing assistance in developing reading/writing/grammar skills, study skills, time management skills, or test taking strategies.

Time Management Workshop

During the first two weeks of the fall semester, all new student-athletes are encouraged to attend a time management workshop conducted in cooperation with the University Learning Center.

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