Emergency Action Plan Sport-Specific

In the case of an emergency at any sporting venue, follow Barry University’s general EAP policyand the role of the first responder.


  1. Soccer, Baseball and Softball fields.
    Enter through the access road located on 115th St. by the rear parking lot. Proceed SW on access road to fields. Personnel (Certified Athletic Trainers, Athletic training students, Coaches, Security, and/ AD) will be situated at various locations for directing EMS to scene.

    IN CASE OF LOCKED GATES TO SOCCER, BASEBALL OR SOFTBALL FIELD: CONTACT NEAREST SECURITY GUARD. IF GUARD IS NOT IN VICINITY, CALL Security 305-899-3333 from campus phone x3333 or *3 from pay phone or using 2-way radio on channel #1.

  2. HPLS Gymnasium (volleyball, basketball), Tennis Courts & Athletic Training Room 120.
    North Miami Ave. to Health and Sports Center parking lot (located off of NW 115th St.). Proceed to west entrance of HSC. Personnel (Certified Athletic Trainers, Athletic Training Students, Coaches, Security, and/ AD) will be situated at various locations for directing EMS to scene.
  3. Boathouse(Shane Water Sports Center, 6500 Indian Creek Drive , Miami Beach ).
    From I -95, take the I-195 east exit to Miami Beach. Follow signs for Alton Road north. Take Alton Road approximately 1 mile to the 63rd street bridge overpass (left lane). This will put you on Indian Creek heading north. The first light is 65th street with the boathouse on your left side. At the boathouse there should be a first aid kit, along with the EAP and athlete insurance and contact information. Coach(s) should have access to a cell phone and follow the EAP directions and apply them to the boathouse in case of an emergency. It is the coaching staff's responsibility to establish & maintain access with Marine Patrol. Any Emergencies at this venue should be directed to Mercy Hospital 3663 South Miami Avenue, main line 305-854-4400 emergency services 305-285-2171
  4. Golf
    Due to the varying number of golf courses at which the men and women play, coach will notify EMS, Clubhouse, and Barry University Athletic Training Room of situations that arise. They will follow the EAP for their golf course location. The coach should have at all times the Barry University Athletics EAP with important phone numbers. And also carry all athletes’ emergency numbers and insurance information. In the event of an emergency with a coach or athlete, the athletic training room staff needs to be notified.
  5. Cheerleading
    Practices should occur during athletic training room hours or when a certified athletic trainer is present and available. While practicing in the HSC/Gymnasium apply the appropriate EAP HSC venue guidelines (see #2).

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