Within our state-of-the-art athletic training room we offer the following equipment/facility area:

A hydrotherapy room with 2 whirlpools for cold, warm or contrast bath treatments.

Ample treatment tables, including a large centered taping table and separate lower stretching table.

A variety of sophisticated therapeutic modalities and therapeutic rehabilitative equipment, including stationary bicycles and free weights.

A variety of balance training equipment along with the Shuttle 2000-1 for partial weight-bearing and plyometrics.

Slide board for speed development and agility.

Biodex system 3 used for isokinetic/isometric/isotonic resistance training and functional testing.

On-site portable x-ray unit under the discretion and use by our team podiatrist and orthopedist only.

During practice and events we provide the following emergency equipment:

Automated External Defibulator (AED), supplemental oxygen, air splints, and fully equipped medical kits. Access to sports chair and spine board.

Folding treatment table for assessments and treatments (events only, not practices).

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