Prospective and Returning Student-Athletes

Welcome to the Barry University family! This website contains some important information regarding our policies and procedures for athletic insurance coverage, claims processing, and related medical forms.

On this site you will find our medical forms, along with policies and procedures. All student-athletes must provide proof of adequate health insurance (copy of card & plan) and pass the university’s medical clearance examination prior to practice or participation in athletics. You must make arrangements to have a yearly physical evaluation performed by a primary care physician of your choice using our enclosed medical forms. In the event that a physical is not done prior to your arrival, then you will need to have a physical conducted by our team physicians. All forms should be completed prior to arriving at Barry. In addition, if you had previous medical procedures done (i.e. orthopedic surgery), a copy of your operative reports will be helpful to keep on file. Below is the policy and procedure statement for insurance on athletic injuries or illnesses and claims processing.

I. The Barry University Athletic Department provides secondary insurance coverage ONLY for injuries or illness resulting from or sustained while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Barry University during a supervised practice or varsity competition. This is considered a secondary policy because it only takes effect AFTER your primary insurer has paid what it considers to be a “usual and customary" expense for the treatment provided. The athletic secondary policy will then pay any unpaid balance, but only for medical charges associated with athletically-related injuries or illness. All injuries and illnesses must be brought to the immediate attention of the athletic training staff in order to have insurance coverage activated and authorized. A referral is required from the BU certified athletic trainer(s) if the department’s secondary insurance policy is to cover any portion of the charges for hospitalization, treatment, or consultation (i.e., a doctor’s visit) resulting from an athletically-related injury or illness. Any circumvention of these procedures will negate Barry University’s commitment to cover costs associated with treatment of the athletic injury or illness. Any bills you receive related to athletic injuries or illnesses must be delivered to the athletic training staff for processing within ten days of receipt in order to be covered by our secondary insurance carrier.

II. The Athletic Department’s insurance policy also EXCLUDES any medical condition(s) which existed prior to athletics participation at Barry University. In addition, off-season injuries, injuries incurred during the season that are not directly related to varsity competition or supervised practices (for example, injuries in P.E. classes, intramural sports, recreational activities, etc.), or routine dental and optical check-ups are not covered in accordance with NCAA regulations

III. Since medical costs associated with illness or injury resulting from causes unrelated to supervised varsity athletic participation are NOT covered by our secondary policy, it is strongly recommended that coverage be continued under the family’s current health insurance provider. IF YOU HAVE AN HMO, please provide us with a name and address of a physician in the North Miami / Miami Shores / Miami area that has been pre-approved by your HMO to act as an "out of service area / network provider." Remember: all student-athletes must provide proof of adequate health insurance coverage BEFORE being permitted to practice or participate in athletics. Therefore, should a decision be made NOT to continue personal health care coverage for the student-athlete through your family’s health insurance provider OR if proof of insurance is not presented at the time of enrollment each year, then the student-athlete will automatically be issued Student Health Insurance through the university and billed accordingly. It is one of the best policies around and will reduce many problems in obtaining medical treatment. In either case, the selected insurance provider will serve as the exclusive carrier for all non-athletic injuries or illness. Any unpaid balance resulting from a non-athletic or off-season injury or illness becomes the responsibility of the student-athlete.

IV. Student-athletes who will be living in university housing AND all international student-athletes must also satisfy the Student Health Services requirements for resident students, which require that all of the following be provided and on file in the Health Center: (1) current health history with documentation of a tetanus diphtheria vaccination within the last ten years; and for students born after 1956, medical documentation of two measles vaccinations or a natural case of measles; (2) a signed medical authorization form; and (3) proof of adequate medical/health insurance in South Florida. Students will be prohibited from moving into the residence halls until proof of insurance and all required immunizations have been submitted. All costs related to immunizations are the responsibility of the student athlete.

Please fill out all forms completely, including copy of insurance card, and return to the Athletic Training Department. Without proof of insurance and a healthy physical the student-athlete will not be permitted to participate in any capacity.

The Sports Medicine/Athletic Training department is looking forward to another great year of working with the Barry University Student-Athletes. Please contact head athletic trainer Scott Freer at 305-899-3555 or for more information.

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