Buccaneer of the Week Archives

November 10, 2014Varsity 8+ and Yunio Barrueta
November 03, 2014Kevin Sielmann and Aly Picascio
October 27, 2014Becca Rogers and Nico Gercke
October 20, 2014Varsity 4 and Jimmy McGregor
October 13, 2014Linda Fritschken and Emma Onila
October 06, 2014Shanice Robe and Nico Dreer
September 29, 2014Fabian Groetsch and Emma Onila
September 22, 2014Jayla Trombley and Esteban Ochoa
September 15, 2014Frank Lustig and Ivana Didanovic
September 08, 2014Brittany Jaco and Connor Randel
May 26, 2014Berry Jole and Kimmy Twelker
May 12, 2014Linda Fritschken and Nico Dreer
April 28, 2014Calvin Rayburn and Camille Czarnecki
April 21, 2014Adam Svensson and Martina Bertuccioli
April 14, 2014Fabian Groetsch and Nancy Vergara
April 07, 2014Varsity 8+ and Adam Svensson
March 31, 2014Emma Onila and Leo Vivas
March 24, 2014Emma Onila and Adam Svensson
March 17, 2014Adrian English and Akemi Maehama
March 10, 2014Karina Goia and Adam Svensson
March 03, 2014Tyler Hardy and Sheehan Planas-Arteaga
February 24, 2014Ahmed Triki and Karina Goia
February 17, 2014Adam Svensson and Britney Pugh
February 10, 2014Ahmed Triki and Emma Onila
February 03, 2014Nicky Ferre and Joeanthony Rivera
January 27, 2014Yunio Barrueta and Colette Eule
January 20, 2014Tyler Hardy and Yunio Barrueta
January 13, 2014Colette Eule and Deric Hill
January 06, 2014Tyler Hardy and Adrian Gonzalez
December 23, 2013Tyler Hardy and Adrian Gonzalez
December 09, 2013Deric Hill and Tyler Hardy
December 02, 2013Juan Ferrales and Tyler Hardy
November 25, 2013Juan Ferrales and Colette Eule
November 18, 2013Savad Garner and Tyler Hardy
November 11, 2013Kris Wilkinson and Becca Rogers
November 04, 2013Lavinia Nkomo and Johnny Rodrigues
October 28, 2013Lauren Manna and Thomas Coombes
October 21, 2013Becca Rogers and Nico Gercke
October 14, 2013Linda Fritschken, Mario Beltran, Emma Onila and Adam Svensson
October 07, 2013Varsity 8 and Fabian Groetsch
September 30, 2013Johnny Rodrigues and Becca Rogers
September 23, 2013Adam Svensson and Nicky Ferre
September 16, 2013Jasmine Serna and Thomas Coombes
September 09, 2013Lauren Manna and Kris Wilkinson
April 22, 2013Max Wimmer and Emma Onila
April 15, 2013Elisabeth Abanda and Billy Atkins
April 08, 2013Varsity 8 and Tyler Kinley
April 01, 2013Billy Atkins and Alexis Yohe
March 25, 2013Marco Mokrzycki and Linda Fritschken
March 18, 2013Jared Dalga and Britney Pugh
March 11, 2013Sheehan Planas-Arteaga and Linda Fritschken
March 04, 2013Luis Arrizurieta and Kimmy Twelker
February 25, 2013Natalia Ojeda and Magne Fivelstad
February 18, 2013Emma Onila and Scott Smyers
February 11, 2013Jackie Perez and Calvin Rayburn
February 04, 2013Adrian English and Elisabeth Abanda
January 28, 2013Justin McCoy and Colette Eule
January 21, 2013Tyler Hardy and Aaron Martin
January 14, 2013Kaley Howard and Justin McCoy
January 07, 2013Colette Eule and Aaron Martin
December 31, 2012Tyler Hardy and Filip Toric
December 17, 2012Colette Eule and Justin McCoy
November 26, 2012Colette Eule and Bryan Van Cott
November 12, 2012Colette Eule and Damien Dwaine
November 05, 2012Marco Mokrzycki and Linda Fritschken
October 29, 2012Lauren Manna and Bryan Van Cott
October 22, 2012Becca Rogers and Frank Szczepanik
October 15, 2012Mona Mansour and Fred Perez
October 08, 2012Varsity 8 and Ollie Lemaitre
October 01, 2012Marcus Segerstrom and Olivia Matuszak
September 24, 2012Nicky Ferre and Berry Jole
September 17, 2012Morgan Garcia and Shaun Herselman
September 10, 2012Tamara Vuckovich and Fred Perez
September 03, 2012Lauren Manna and Connor Randel
April 30, 2012Grace Collins and Kevin Youst
April 23, 2012Caroline Wendling and Fabian Groetsch
April 16, 2012Julie Stas and Luis Arrizurieta
April 09, 2012Cristina Valladares and Marcelo Huarte
April 02, 2012Daniela Murray and Fabian Groetsch
March 26, 2012Brianna Smith and Marcus Segerstrom
March 19, 2012Jordan Wellander and Vojka Lukic
March 12, 2012Daniel Stapff and Brianna Smith
March 05, 2012Leo Vivas and Alexis Yohe
February 27, 2012Fabian Groetsch and Yvonne Houston
February 20, 2012Fabian Groetsch and Brianna Smith
February 13, 2012Brad McAllister and Akemi Maehama
February 06, 2012Brianna Smith and Marco Mokrzycki
January 30, 2012Jermaine Edwards and Danielle DeBerry
January 23, 2012Vojka Lukic and Evan White
January 16, 2012Evan White and Danielle DeBerry
January 09, 2012Yvonne Houston and Jermaine Edwards
December 20, 2011Bryan Van Cott and Danielle DeBerry
December 12, 2011Alexandria Zamora and Keion Palmer
December 05, 2011Danielle DeBerry and Chad Renfro
November 28, 2011Vladimir Raymonvil and Jen Mitchell
November 21, 2011Shanna Suttington and Keion Palmer
November 14, 2011Varisty 4 and Mark Anderson
November 07, 2011Scott Smyers and Jen Mitchell
October 31, 2011Varsity 4 and Daniel Stapff
October 24, 2011Connor Randel and Taylor Babcock
October 17, 2011Simon Forsslund and Julie Stas
October 10, 2011Melissa Madrid and Marco Mokrzycki
October 03, 2011Nancy Vergara and Johnny Rodrigues
September 26, 2011Lanie Muys and Mark Anderson
September 19, 2011Mark Anderson and Melissa Madrid
September 12, 2011Mima Hajdukovic and Mark Anderson
September 05, 2011Mark Anderson and Tania Torres
May 02, 2011Grace Collins and Corey Witkowski
April 25, 2011Varsity 4 and Daniel Stapff
April 18, 2011Barbi Pocza and Dean Green
April 11, 2011Dean Green, Barbi Pocza and Christopher Carlin
April 04, 2011Dean Green and Brianna Smith
March 28, 2011Dean Green and Varsity 8
March 21, 2011Barbi Pocza and Matt Petty
March 14, 2011Jessica Tabor, Jessica Tabor and Manny Rodriguez
March 07, 2011Drew Dwelly and Brianna Smith
February 28, 2011Alyssa Goldsmith and Ollie Lemaitre
February 21, 2011Taylor Babcock and Emanuel Fraitzl
February 14, 2011Emanuel Fraitzl and Olivia Matuszak
February 07, 2011Caroline Wendling and Manny Rodriguez
January 31, 2011Shanna Suttington and Willie Whitfield
January 24, 2011Willie Whitfield and Adrienne Hicks
January 17, 2011Yvonne Houston and Evan White
January 10, 2011Willie Whitfield and Yvonne Houston
December 06, 2010Evan White and Yvonne Houston
November 29, 2010Yvonne Houston and Willie Whitfield
November 22, 2010Willie Whitfield and Shanna Suttington
November 15, 2010Adrienne Hicks and Zack Trapp
November 08, 2010Yvonne Houston and Christopher Carlin
November 01, 2010Lizzi Over and Mark Anderson
October 25, 2010Johnny Rodrigues and Taylor Babcock
October 18, 2010Ady Alcantara and Emanuel Fraitzl
October 11, 2010Simon Raagaard and Stefanie Sveiven
May 14, 2007Holli Davis and Hernan Borja
May 07, 2007Amber Jack and Andrew Sharnov
April 30, 2007Nick Shaw and Amanda Goelz
April 23, 2007Carlos Gomez and Svetlana Konyashkina
April 16, 2007Maile Keeney and David Bernat
April 09, 2007Ildiko Csordas and Gabriel Casanova
April 02, 2007Patrick Rittenauer and RemiJin Camping
March 26, 2007Roman Werschel and Amber Jack
March 19, 2007Maile Keeney and Dirk Benninghaus
March 12, 2007Cristina DeTagle and John Servidio
March 05, 2007Tovie St. Louis and Eddie Young
February 26, 2007Ildiko Csordas and Hernan Borja
February 19, 2007Amanda Goelz and Felipe Barrios
February 12, 2007Ildiko Csordas and Felipe Barrios
February 05, 2007Amber Jack
January 30, 2007Alexandria Fernander
January 22, 2007Alexandria Fernander and Phil Puccia
January 15, 2007Princess Bailey and Eddie Young
January 08, 2007Alexandria Fernander and Felipe Barrios
January 01, 2007Alexandria Fernander and Bryan Chiverton
December 18, 2006Liz Morgan
December 11, 2006Alexandria Fernander
December 04, 2006Amanda Mageean and Bryan Chiverton
November 27, 2006Sandra Jansson and Eddie Young
November 20, 2006Princess Bailey and Felipe Barrios
November 13, 2006Nicole Castera
November 06, 2006Samara De Freitas and Nick Gillaspy
October 30, 2006Samara De Freitas and Serkan Sener
October 23, 2006Damarys Mendez and Chris Rich
October 16, 2006Maya Ozery and Jeff Hanak
October 09, 2006Samara De Freitas and Juan Weissenberg
October 02, 2006Ildiko Csordas and Marcus Reynolds
September 25, 2006RemiJin Camping and Dirk Benninghaus
September 18, 2006Jason Wiles and Lorine Durski
September 11, 2006Samuel Fessehazion and Jentry Redinger
September 04, 2006Samara De Freitas and Jason Wiles
August 28, 2006Maya Ozery and Henry Apaloo
May 15, 2006Angelique Ceccon and Patrick Rittenauer
May 08, 2006Johanna Soderstrom and Thomas Hipp
May 01, 2006Shyla Rider and Jayson Brown
April 24, 2006Ramie Garcia and Victor Billskoog
April 17, 2006Angelique Ceccon and Hernan Borja
April 10, 2006Pia Dozo Moreno and Thomas Hipp
April 03, 2006Greta Trotman and Orestes Gonzalez
March 27, 2006Maile Keeney and Alex Menses
March 20, 2006Thomas Hipp and Angelique Ceccon
March 13, 2006Cristina DeTagle and Victor Billskoog
March 06, 2006Shyla Rider
February 27, 2006RemiJin Camping and Felipe Barrios
February 20, 2006Maile Keeney and Glenn Zavitz
February 13, 2006Andrew Frezza and Amber Jack
February 06, 2006Amber Jack
January 30, 2006Sandra Jansson and Phil Puccia
January 23, 2006Princess Bailey and Amadou Fall
January 16, 2006Alexandria Fernander and Melvin Triche
January 10, 2006Sandra Jansson and Amadou Fall
December 19, 2005Princess Bailey and Melvin Triche
December 12, 2005Kristy Singletary and Phil Puccia
December 05, 2005Christina Thompson and Melvin Triche
November 28, 2005Alana Wirth and Melvin Triche
November 21, 2005Felipe Barrios and Kelly Dantas
November 14, 2005Michelle Rosamiglia and Felipe Barrios
October 31, 2005Emelie Karlsson and Emmanuel Miranda
October 17, 2005Jovana Djukic
October 10, 2005Shannon Miller and Patrick Miller
October 03, 2005RemiJin Camping and Jason Wiles
September 26, 2005Ildiko Csordas, Ana Maria Zuleta, Martin Jensen and Thomas Hipp
September 19, 2005Spenser Rigg and Chris Rich
September 12, 2005Samara De Freitas and Pat Anderson
September 05, 2005Lauren Rodriguez and Chris Rich
August 29, 2005Tiina Saario and Lee Yakubowich
April 25, 2005Thomas Hipp and Greta Trotman

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