Meet the Athletic Director

Michael L. Covone
Director of Athletics

Michael L. Covone, Director of Athletics

To Friends of Barry Athletics:

Barry University, as a member of the Sunshine State Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is responsible for ensuring that its coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, boosters and friends abide by conference and NCAA regulations. Under those rules, alumni, donors, boosters and friends are categorized as "representatives of athletics interests" of Barry University. A "representative of Barry's athletics interest" is thereby bound by the same rules and regulations as coaches and other athletics administrators and staff members. When violations occur, whether intentional or unintentional, Barry is responsible for these actions and ignorance of the rules cannot be used as an excuse. This web site provides a brief overview of the vast NCAA regulations and how inappropriate contact or inadvertent action may jeopardize the eligibility of the institution's enrolled or prospective student-athletes. In an effort to help ensure that Barry University is in compliance with NCAA regulations, we have included some "Do's and Don'ts."

Don't be afraid to ask questions! All applicable situations cannot be covered on this site. Should you have any questions about what you, as a representative of Barry's athletics interest, can and cannot do, please contact the compliance office. Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated to help further the institution's commitment to academic excellence and a competitive athletics program that complies with NCAA rules. Our success is truly a team effort.

Go Bucs!

Michael Covone
Director of Athletics

The following quote, taken from the Knight Foundation's Report on Intercollegiate Athletics, challenges alumni and friends to uphold and foster the ethics and integrity of the University and its intercollegiate athletics program.

"As a product of your institution, you have a critical role to play in safeguarding its reputation. University presidents, faculty members and members of governing boards come and go, but you remain. In the marketplace, the value of your degree is based on your institution's reputation today, not the reputation it enjoyed when you were students. You can help protect the stake you hold in that degree by insisting that the athletics program is directed along ethical lines."

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