Purpose Statement

The basic purpose of intercollegiate athletics (ICA) is to provide those students who possess outstanding athletic ability an opportunity to excel in amateur competitive sports against like institutions while pursuing the ultimate goal of completing their college degrees. ICA serves as a means by which other students, faculty, staff and alumni of Barry University can be brought together in support of a common rallying point to generate "school spirit" and round-out the concept of creating a typical college campus setting

ICA satisfies its role within the educational mission of Barry University by complimenting classroom instruction with experiences that allow for:

  • appreciation of the results of fitness gained through good strength and conditioning programs, as well as proper nutrition, on one's mind and body;
  • social development by learning such things as teamwork, self-discipline, group dynamics, and adherence to rules and regulations;
  • opportunities to broaden one's education through travel;
  • cultural exchange with team members of differing nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

Each sport program acknowledges the presence of God through wholesome and clean competition, comradeship among participants, good sportsmanship, and equality of opportunity exclusive of one's sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. A caring environment is provided by assuring the academic, physical, emotional, and social welfare of our student-athletes through the leadership provided by a well-qualified teaching/professional staff, academic support services, comprehensive health care and coverage, and safe playing and practice conditions. All athletic activities and events are actively published and promoted to also elicit involvement and support from the community. In return, student-athletes are encouraged to participate in civic and charitable events. Additionally, ICA serves as a vehicle by which the university extends its presence in the community. Staff, coaches, and student-athletes must therefore display a professional decorum befitting that of very visible community ambassadors for Barry University. Furthermore, the intercollegiate athletic programs will be operated within strict adherence to the published rules of the NCAA in order to assure that the university's status within the community always remains a positive one.

Barry University is a proud member of NCAA Division II. NCAA Division II has 276 active member institutions, ranging in size from less than 2,500 to over 15,000, with the average enrollment being around 4,500. Division II is not less than Division I or more than Division III—it is just different than either of those two divisions. Very few of the almost 90,000 student-athletes competing in Division II receive a full athletics grant that covers all of their expenses, but most of them will receive some financial aid to help them through school. Division II also provides an intersection where athletically gifted students can compete at a high level, while maintaining much of a traditional student experience. Excellent outcomes come from athletics programs that are properly aligned with the educational mission of the institution. This balance is what distinguishes Division II from the others, and this philosophy is at the heart of all decisions made by the division’s governing bodies.

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