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One of the Buccaneers' most cherished athletic traditions is the Barry University Athletics Wall of Honor. Originated in 1996, there have been 29 inductees to the Wall of Honor, including former Barry University President Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, who was a charter inductee in February of 1996. No greater honor can be bestowed upon a former student-athlete or other member of the Barry community.

Each inductee is honored with a commemorative metal etching in recognition of their accomplishments that is presented at a banquet and induction ceremony held every other year during Barry University's Homecoming weekend. Thanks to a generous contribution from Miami Jai Alai, Barry University has been able to permanently recognize its inductees with a similar bronze plaque with their likeness that is displayed on the Athletics Wall of Honor located in the lobby of the Health and Sports Center.

The following is a complete list of the men and women enshrined in the Barry University Athletics Wall of Honor.

Class of 1996 'Charter Inductees'

Class of 1996 "Charter Inductees"

  • Sister Jeanne O'Laughlin, OP, Ph.D. (meritorious service)
  • B. Boyd "Ben" Benjamin (meritorious service)
  • Doris Jane Hart, Women's Tennis
  • Elizabeth "Betty" Kerby Peppard, Women's Golf
  • Catherine Duggan, Women's Golf
  • Traci Shields Simpson, Women's Soccer
  • Annie Perez, Women's Soccer
  • Ronald C. Johnson, Men's Basketball (meritorious service)
  • Brooks Petty, Men's Cross Country
  • Dawn Wagner Gregor, Women's Soccer
  • William Reifsnider, Baseball
  • Kyllene Carter Weiss, Women's Soccer
  • Jennifer Mary Faccone, Women's Soccer
  • Monica Martinez, Softball
  • Jennifer Lynn Shannon, Women's Soccer
  • Karen Zorsky, Softball
  • Heather Jaeger, Women's Soccer
  • Katherine Clift Wine, Softball
Class of 1998

Class of 1998

  • LeeAnne Craft, Women's Softball
  • Mickisha Hurley, Women's Volleyball
  • Kertria Pamela Lofton, Women's Basketball
  • Marya Morusiewicz, Women's Volleyball
  • Jennifer Strong, Women's Soccer
Class of 2000

Class of 2000

  • Patricia Mies Koenig (meritorious service)
  • George J. Wanko, Ph.D. (meritorious service)
  • Erin Jaeger Forchic, Women's Soccer
  • Laurent Lamothe, Men's Tennis
  • Wei Liu, Women's Volleyball
  • Stephanie Stallings Walker, Women's Soccer & Softball (meritorious service)
Class of 2002

Class of 2002

  • Jean Wilkowski (meritorious service)
  • Bruce Barclay (meritorious service)
  • Jennifer Boyd-Pugh, Softball
  • Iphton Louis, Men's Tennis
  • Janina Morusiewicz, Volleyball
  • Cindy Yuan, Volleyball
Class of 2004

Class of 2004

  • Herbert Bende, Men's Tennis
  • Stephanie Caldwell, Women's Softball
  • Jenny Nilsson, Women's Soccer
  • Christian Witt, Men's Tennis
  • Elvira Vakhidova, Women's Volleyball
Class of 2007

Class of 2007

  • Neill L. Miller (meritorious service)
  • Dr. J. Patrick Lee (meritorious service)
  • Victoria Courmes, Women's Tennis
  • Geralyn Elam, Softball
  • Fernanda Ferriera-Downey, Volleyball
  • Anna Lewis Hallbergson, Women's Tennis
  • Alen Marcina, Men's Soccer

Selection Criteria

The criteria used for selection in the "student-athlete" category include:

  1. Graduation from Barry University or an accredited four-year institution with the minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Selection as a collegiate All-American or Academic All-American while participating at Barry University.
  3. Personification of the ideals of good sportsmanship, team allegiance and the mission of Barry University.
  4. A minimum 5 years before the induction ceremony must have elapsed since the conferral of the degree, which the student athlete was seeking while earning the All-American or Academic All-American status.

NOTE: Student athletes who meet the above criteria will be considered nominees and remain on the list for consideration into perpetuity.

  1. Coaches, administrators, former student-athletes, support staff, faculty or friends of the program can be selected for the Wall of Honor if they have provided "Meritorious Service."
  2. Former Student athletes may be inducted for meritorious service if they personify the ideals of good sportsmanship, team allegiance and the mission of Barry. They also must have achieved notable/significant accomplishments in one’s chosen career or life experience, including community service. Ten (10) years must have elapsed since the former student athlete’s graduation.
  3. Other individuals or groups can be selected to the Wall of Honor if they have contributed to Barry’s athletic history in distinguished ways.
  4. If an individual identified in Number 1 (above) serves on the Wall of Honor Selection Committee and is nominated, (s)he will be replaced on the committee for that year. All current or former employees of Barry must have been employed for at least 3 years to be eligible.

NOTE: A written nomination must be submitted for each Meritorious Service candidate by the posted deadline each year. Meritorious Service nominations will remain in consideration for review for two induction ceremonies. After two induction ceremonies, the candidate must be re-nominated.

Pioneer Award Eligibility and Criteria:

A special category, the Pioneer Award, was established to recognize Barry University alumni who made significant contributions to the athletic achievements at Barry prior to 1984, during the formative years of the University. Its purpose is to recognize those individuals who have brought distinction, honor and excellence to Barry University. The individuals selected have exercised personal dedication to athletics, brought distinction to the University through related athletic leadership accomplishments, and fostered sportsmanlike attitudes in correlation to the mission of Barry University.
NOTE: A written nomination must be submitted for each Pioneer Award candidate by December 1 of each year. Pioneer Award nominations will remain in consideration for review for two induction ceremonies. After two induction ceremonies, the individual must be re-nominated.

Inductee Requirements:

  1. All inductees chosen by the committee must complete the Wall of Honor questionnaire and return it to the committee chair along with a photo and resume. The committee must receive all these documents by the established deadline in order to be inducted.
  2. All inductees must be present at the induction ceremonies. If a former student-athlete is voted in but unable to attend the ceremonies, the inductee will be inducted at a later ceremony/ pending his/her availability.

Committee Selection Requirements:

  1. No more than three coaches, administrators, support staff, faculty, former student-athletes or friends of the program can be inducted in to the Wall of Honor in any one year, and the award need not be given each year.
  2. No more than eight former student-athletes may be inducted in any one year. For special circumstances, provisions can be made by a unanimous vote of the committee to increase the number of former student-athletes.
  3. Barry’s Sports Information office will provide a list of all finalists and Bios to the Director of Athletics and the Wall of Honor selection Committee Chair --as determined by candidate eligibility, academic & athletic accolades.

How the Process Works

  1. The identification of all candidates and finalists for induction onto the Wall of Honor is conducted during the Fall of the year prior to the induction ceremony.
  2. The Wall of Honor Committee selects the inductees for the class in the fall term.
  3. The Wall of Honor Chair notifies the inductees of their selection status.

Quick Facts

  • 18 individuals were selected for the first induction class out of a group of 43 eligible candidates.
  • All inductees are enshrined on the Wall of Fame with a high quality, commemorative display with metal photo etchings and a brief bio on each person.
  • Eligible candidates not selected for the Wall of Honor will remain in the pool of applicants and will be reconsidered for future classes.

For further information on the Wall of Honor:

Contact Michael L. Covone, Chairperson
Barry University Athletics
11300 Northeast Second Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33161-6695
Phone: 305-899-0000
Fax: 305-899-3556
e-mail: mcovone@barry.edu

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