Rowing Beats 2009 Time At Head of the Charles

BOSTON, Mass.—The Barry women’s rowing team got the 2010-11 season started at the prestigious Head of the Charles regatta.

The Bucs (Cox-Grace Horwitz, stroke-Kelly Harrison, Brielle Bowers, Jaimee Lampard, Nicole Marek, Lia Snell, Vanessa Viaderro, Courtney Greene, bow-Briannne Misner) finished 23rd out of 31 crews in the women’s collegiate eights with a clean time (no penalties) of 18:11.786.

The finish matched the place at the 2009 regatta, but bettered the time by almost a minute and an half. The Bucs were faster at all four split times, finishing the first leg at the riverside boathouse in 4:10.715, the second leg at the Weld checkpoint 9:56.611 and the third leg at the Cambridge boathouse in 14:58.451. Last season the times were 4:26.741; 10:54.348 and 16:01.811

Head Of The Charles Regatta®, the world's largest two-day rowing event, was first held on October 16, 1965. Today, more than 8,000 athletes from around the world compete in 55 different race events.

The Bucs will host a small regatta at the Shane Watersports Center with Miami, joining Sunshine State Conference crews from Florida Tech and Nova Southeastern.

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