Rowing Takes Two Medals at the FIRA Fall Classic

FELLSMERE, Fla.—The Barry rowing team took one gold and one silver medal at the 2010 FIRA Fall Classic at Canal 54 on Saturday.

The Bucs' varsity 4+ crew (Cox: Grace Horwitz, Stroke: Kelly Harrison, Vanessa Viadero, Brielle Bowers, and Jaimee Lampard) finished first with a time of 13:16. The team bested conference foes Florida Tech and Nova’s “A” boat. The Bucs' varsity four “B” (Cox: Bianca Boada, Lia Snell, Nicole Marek, Helene Pierre, and Haley Stark) also competed in the race and grabbed sixth place out of 11 boats with a time of 14:21. The Barry “C” crew (Cox: Savanna Luberto, Brianne Misner, Courtney Greene, Ari Masley, and Jamie Gordon) finished the race in 14:44.

“Our 'A' four did a nice job with little practice,” head coach Dave Sanderson said. “Nothing complicated; they just threw down some strokes and managed to get their bow across first.”

Following up a remarkable season in 2010, the Bucs’ varsity 8+ boat (Cox: Grace Horwitz, Stroke: Kelly Harrison, Vanessa Viadero, Jaimee Lampard, Bowers, Lia Snell, Nicole Marek, Helene Pierre, and Haley Stark) continued their solid performance with a second-place finish and a time of 11:54. Nova took the race by a mere six seconds.

“The eight had a solid, well executed row,” Sanderson said. “Again, there was nothing fancy or complicated about it; they just raced.”

The novice four crew (Cox: Chileshe Changufu, Rebekah Kilroy, Abby Orcutt, Gabrielle Platt and Jessika McKinney) finished fifth out of seven in 17:23. The crew beat Florida State’s team and Nova’s “B” crew.

“The novices rowed their first big race today and came away with experience,” Sanderson said. “We have confidence they will improve and contribute to the varsity come spring time. Overall, I am pleased with the results. They showed some clear improvement from earlier fall racing especially in the eight. Still, we are not where we want to be yet and the hardest racing of the academic year is still months away. Nova is moving really well and FIT will definitely improve for the spring. We have to get to work and keep improving if we want to be in the mix in the spring.”