Code of Conduct

Welcome to Barry University. We are pleased that you have selected a university with established traditions of excellence in academics and athletics. The entire staff of the University is prepared to assist you in both your academic and athletic endeavors. Our desire is that your experience will be one of personal growth, academic achievement, and athletic success.

You will have to set educational and ethical priorities consistent with the purposes of Barry University in order to balance the demands of academic success with athletic participation. This will require discipline and diligence. We are here to support you, but ultimately only you are responsible for the quality of your personal conduct, the attainment of your college degree, and the level of your athletic accomplishments.

You are subject to the same University policies and regulations which apply to all students. As an athlete, however, you are subject to extra time commitments, physical demands, and public visibility which other students may not experience. Accordingly, not only your rewards, but also your obligations, sometimes exceed those expected of other students.

The Student-Athlete Code of Conduct is intended to clarify areas of particular importance to student-athletes. More specifically, it is intended to clarify your obligations and guide your conduct. The Code of Conduct refers to existing documents of Barry University: the Student Life Handbook and the University Catalog. It is your obligation to become familiar with these documents. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the Code of Conduct or other related University policies, consult with your coach, academic advisor, or the Student Services staff.

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