Community Service

Preparing for life after college sports is a major focus of the Barry University Athletics program. Student-athletes are given the opportunity to develop the foundation for a lifelong commitment to volunteerism through a variety of local organizations. In recent years, Barry student-athletes have been actively involved in many community service activities, including Habitat for Humanity, the Camillus House, and the Special Olympics.

Each year, all twelve Barry athletic programs participate in group and individual community service activities. The Buccaneers have participated in projects ranging from planting trees and tutoring school children to visiting nursing homes and serving meals to the homeless.

Being a student-athlete at Barry University is much more than just games and practices. Serving the community is an important part of each student's life at Barry University. Student-athletes find that participating in community service activities is a great way to help others and gain valuable leadership skills.

Sr. Jeanne O'Laughlin Community Service Award Winners

2012-13Tania Torres
2011-12Grace Collins
2010-11Haley Struthers & Grace Collins
2009-10Dexter Solomon
2008-09 Andy Havens
2007-08 Ali Perantoni & Carolyn Bennett
2006-07 Liz Morgan and the Softball Team
2005-06 Amanda Brickell & Maryanne Giovanelli
2004-05 Men's Soccer & Softball
2003-04 Jimmy Stobs & the Men's Golf Team
2002-03 Shelly Lis & the Softball Team
2001-02 Dr. J Patrick Lee
2000-01 Wendy Wiley
1999-00 Kelly Mahan
1998-99 Lisa Navas & the Softball Team
1997-98 Women's Basketball Team
1996-97 Cesar Odio
1995-96 Chris Cafalone & the Baseball Team
1994-95 Lisa Navas & the Softball Team
1993-94 John Stillson & Dawn Erthal
1992-93 Dr. Carl Cramer & Billy Mims
1991-92 Debbie Interdonato

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