NCAA Definitions

A representative of athletics interest is anyone who has:

  • participated in or a member of an agency or organization, including corporate entities (e.g., apparel & equipment companies), promoting the institution's athletics program
  • made financial contributions to the athletics department or its booster club
  • assisted in recruiting prospective student-athletes
  • provided benefits (e.g., summer jobs) to enrolled student-athletes or their families or
  • been involved otherwise in promoting the institution's athletics program.

Once an individual becomes a “booster”, the person retains that identity indefinitely.

Prospective Student-Athlete is a student who has started classes for 9th grade or an individual who prior to the start of 9th grade receives any financial assistance or benefit (including benefits to relatives or friends) from the institution that is not provided to prospective students generally.

A student remains a prospect until the individual enrolls in a full-time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four-year collegiate institution’s regular academic year (excluding summer); or participates in a regular-squad practice or competition at a four-year collegiate institution.

Extra Benefit refers to any special arrangement provided a student-athlete or his or her relatives or friends with a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.

Recruiting is any solicitation of a prospect or relatives/legal guardians by an institutional staff member or by a representative of the institution's athletics interests for the purpose of securing the prospect's enrollment and participation in the institution's athletics program.

A Contact is any face-to-face encounter between a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete’s relatives or legal guardian(s) and an institutional staff member or athletics representative during which any dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of a greeting.

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