Restrictions for Representatives of Athletics Interests (Boosters)

Recruiting by Representatives of Athletics Interests.

Representatives of an institution's athletics interests are prohibited from making in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts or telephone calls with a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete's relatives or legal guardians. On-campus contact is permitted, as are written communications. Recruiting contacts by representatives during a prospective student-athlete's official visit are confined to campus.

Telephone Calls. It is not permissible for a representative of athletics to make telephone calls to a prospective student-athlete.

Observing Prospective Student-Athlete's Contest.  An athletics representative may view a prospective student-athlete's athletics contest on his or her own initiative, subject to the understanding that the athletics representatives may not contact the prospective student-athlete on such occasions.

Evaluation of Prospective Student-Athlete.  An athletics representative may not contact a prospective student-athlete's coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospective student-athlete.

Visiting Prospective Student-Athlete's Institution.  An athletics representative may not visit a prospective student-athlete's educational institution to pick up film/videotape or transcripts pertaining to the evaluation of the prospective student-athlete's academic eligibility or athletics ability.

Extra Benefits. An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a booster to provide a prospective or enrolled student-athlete, or his/her friends or relatives, a benefit not authorized by the NCAA. The benefits a student-athlete may NOT receive include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Any involvement, directly or indirectly, in making arrangements for or giving any financial aid or other benefits to a prospect or his/her family, relatives or friends such as gifts, awards, loans, employment, transportation, free or reduced rent or housing.

Enrolled Student-Athletes.  If a student-athlete enrolled at another institution contacts you, do not discuss the possibility of transferring with the athlete. Immediately tell the athlete to contact a Barry University Compliance Department staff member.

Commercial Advertisement. It is not permissible to use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend, or promote sales or the use of a commercial product or service of any kind.

Occasional Meal.  A student-athlete or the entire team in a sport may receive an occasional family home meal from a representative of the institution's athletics interests provided the meal is in the individual's home, on campus or at a facility that is regularly used for home competition and may be catered.   The representative of the institution's athletics interests or an institutional staff member may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend such meals.

Contact with Prospects. As an athletics representative you are not precluded from continuing friendships with families of prospective or enrolled student-athletes. Contacts are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by a Barry Athletics staff member.

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