Student-Athlete Code of Conduct


Welcome to Barry University. We are pleased that you have selected a university with established traditions of excellence in academics and athletics. The entire staff of the University is prepared to assist you in both your academic and athletic endeavors. Our desire is that your experience will be one of personal growth, academic achievement, and athletic success.

You will have to set educational and ethical priorities consistent with the purposes of Barry University in order to balance the demands of academic success with athletic participation. This will require discipline and diligence. We are here to support you, but ultimately only you are responsible for the quality of your personal conduct, the attainment of your college degree, and the level of your athletic accomplishments.

You are subject to the same University policies and regulations which apply to all students. As an athlete, however, you are subject to extra time commitments, physical demands, and public visibility which other students may not experience. Accordingly, not only your rewards, but also your obligations, sometimes exceed those expected of other students.

The following Student-Athlete Code of Conduct is intended to clarify areas of particular importance to student-athletes. More specifically, it is intended to clarify your obligations and guide your conduct. The Code of Conduct refers to existing documents of Barry University: the Student Life Handbook and the University Catalog. It is your obligation to become familiar with these documents. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the Code of Conduct or other related University policies, consult with your coach, academic advisor, or the Student Services staff.

Code of Conduct

  1. Your obligation as a student is to make satisfactory progress toward a degree and graduate from Barry University.

    As an academic institution, Barry University exists to create and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Consistent with this goal, your primary aim as a student should be to use your talents to obtain an education and earn a degree. While time commitments are demanding during your athletic season, you should never lose sight of the goal of completing requirements for a degree. When you graduate from Barry University, we want you to be proud of those academic achievements which will allow you to pursue a satisfying career and hopefully improve the quality of your life. In order to carry out your general obligation as a student, you must adhere to the following requirements:

    1. Be academically eligible. You must meet all NCAA and SSC requirements for initial eligibility, and remain in good academic standing (not on probation), and make satisfactory progress toward a degree in order to participate in athletics. Please refer to #1 and #2 in the next section on "Athletic Department Academic Policies" for specific requirements.
    2. Attend class. There is a direct correlation between classroom attendance and academic success. Accordingly, class attendance is mandatory for all student-athletes enrolled in Barry University who participate in NCAA regulated sports. (See #3 in the next section on "Athletic Department Academic Policies" for specific requirements)
    3. Inform professors of expected absences due to official athletic events, as well as any other personal, medical, or unforeseen circumstances. Professors are usually more than willing to assist you in resolving a conflict when advance notice is given. (See #3 in next section entitled "Athletic Department Academic Policies")
    4. Maintain Scholastic Honesty. All forms of scholastic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism are strictly prohibited and cover all academic work done at the University.
    5. Make maximum use of the services provided through the Academic Monitoring and Support Program of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The Assistant to the Dean is responsible for the Academic Monitoring and support program which maintains and directs study hall and tutorial sessions. All freshmen and other athletes with less than the required minimum grade point average, SAT/ACT score, or coach identified, are required to participate in study hall and/or tutorial sessions. (See #4 in the next section entitled, "Athletic Department Academic Policies" and the separate sections entitled "Academic Monitoring and Support Program" and "Study Hall Policies")
  2. Your obligation as an athlete is to represent responsibly and with integrity the people, values, and traditions associated with Barry University.

    The athletic program is a highly visible component of Barry University. As a student-athlete, your attitudes, actions, and statements are constantly in the public eye and reflect directly on the University. Because of the public visibility of the athletic program, you have a special responsibility in representing the University. As an athlete, you are responsible for obeying the rules and regulations of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, which include those of the NCAA and SSC. In order to carry out your general obligation as an athlete, you must:

    1. Display good sportsmanship. You are expected to conform to established guidelines of sportsmanlike conduct in intercollegiate athletic competition, both on and off the playing field. Sportsmanlike conduct includes showing respect toward all who are in attendance at an athletic event: officials, coaches, athletes, opponents, spectators, and the media. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes inappropriate behavior in language, gesture, or action which demeans, physically intimidates, or endangers others, not just during athletic competition but also during all activities that encompass travel to and from the contest site.
    2. Know and follow NCAA/SSC guidelines and regulations. These rules include knowing what constitutes permissible awards, benefits, and expenses, as well as rules regarding complimentary tickets, hosting a prospective student-athlete, maintaining amateur athletic status, gambling, bribery, and dealing with sports agents, alumni, or other supporters of the University's athletic programs.
    3. Protect your health. In addition to fulfilling the stringent training requirements of your sport, you must exercise special care to avoid the use of non-therapeutic drugs as well as the excessive consumption of intoxicating beverages. Barry University offers a program of drug education, testing, counseling, and rehabilitation to deal with alcohol and drug abuse. The Athletic Department upholds and enforces NCAA and Barry University regulations regarding substance abuse. Do not take drugs that have not been prescribed by a physician. If your doctor prescribes a drug that appears on the NCAA prohibited list, you should notify your trainer.
    4. Obey team rules and policies. Your coaches have established rules and policies for guiding your success as a member of an athletic team. You are expected to follow their requirements and develop the ability to work well with others on your team.
    5. Wear Barry University uniforms only during Athletic Department scheduled events.It is an honor to have been selected to a Barry University team. Your actions while wearing these uniforms are viewed by observers as representative of Barry University and its values. Therefore, team uniforms are never to be worn and team gear is never to be used outside of an official Athletic Department sanctioned event.
  3. Your obligation as a community member is to respect and obey the policies, rules, and laws of that community.

    Your obligations extend beyond the classroom and the athletic field. Like other students at Barry University, you are member of several communities. You are a member of the Barry University general student community, the University residential community, and the local, state, and federal communities. Each of these communities expects its members to exhibit respectful and lawful behavior. As a member of these communities, you have no special rights or privileges that exempt you from penalty if you violate their policies, rules, and laws. You are subject to all mitigated penalties imposed by any of these regulatory bodies for failure to uphold their rules. In order to carry out your general obligation as a member of these communities, you must:

    1. Know and follow the "Rights and Responsibilities of Conduct" in the University Student Life Handbook. These rules of conduct apply to all Barry University students and are distributed to all students upon enrollment.
    2. Obey residence halls policies and regulations. As a member of the University's residential community, you are expected to comply with the policies and regulations governing students who live in the residence halls. These rules include those stated in the Student Life Handbook (see the section entitled, "Residence Halls Policies, Rights and Responsibilities"), as well as those stated in separate publications issued annually to resident students by the Department of Residence Halls.
    3. Obey all federal, state, and city laws. Any Barry University student who violates the law may incur penalties imposed by civil authorities.

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