Bucs' Rowing Caps Fall with Pair of Victories

Barry's 4 boats excelled at the FIRA Fall Classic, accounting for one of the Bucs' two wins Saturday. Photo by Bridget Lyons

FELLSMERE, Fla. -- Barry's rowing team couldn't have scripted this any better. Not to put a bow on what was a successful fall, and what appears to be a bright future.

Barry's Varsity 8 unit of coxswain Grace Horwitz, stroke Kristina Boncheva, Anna Boada, Bethany Desmond, Kelly Harrison, Mandy Carper, Helene Pierre, Emma Howard and bow Kasia Walentynowicz won its race in calm conditions at the Florida Intercollege Rowing Association Fall Classic at Canal 54, beating nine other boats, including six NCAA Division I crews, with a time of 11:38. Nova Southeastern's A boat was second in 11:55, and Florida A third in 11:58.

"It was a great way to finish the fall season," Buccaneers coach Dave Sanderson said. "We still have a lot of work to do, but I'm really proud of the team for the hard work they put in all fall."

In the Varsity 4 race, Barry's A unit of cox Angela Dasch, Boncheva (stroke), Boada, Desmond and Harrison (bow) battled a 10-mile per hour headwind to take first with a time of 13:38. The Bucs were the only crew to break 14:00, beating Nova's C squad, which finished second, by 56 seconds. Jacksonville A was third in 14:36. Nova Southeastern's A took fourth in 14:39, and Barry's B crew of Horwitz (cox), Walentynowicz (stroke), Carper, Pierre and bow Rebekah Kilroy finished fifth in 14:42.

"That was still a good race for the B team," Sanderson said.

Barry's C team of cox Iris Blandon, stroke Samantha McKenzie, Emma Howard, Kilroy and bow Miriam Zaga posted a time of 15:39 in the Varsity 4 event.

In the Freshmen/Novice 4 race, Barry's team of Blandon (cox), stroke Gabrielle Lara, Tuminee Robb, Nicole Madison and bow Gesireth Mariscal had a time of 20:47. Jacksonville's A team won in 13:55. Nova A was second in 14:27, and Florida Tech was third in 14:39.

The Buccaneers were the top NCAA Division II crew at last weekend's Head of the Hooch races in Tennessee, signalling good things appear to be in store for Barry rowing.

"It's a good place for us to be," Sanderson said. "We're excited. It was a fun day of racing."


2012 FIRA Fall Classic Results
November 10, 2012
Canal 54 - Fellsmere, Fla.

Women's Varsity 8 Start Finish Delta Time
Barry 1:23:16 1:34:54 0:11:38
Nova Southeastern "A" 1:21:45 1:33:40 0:11:55
Florida "A" 1:22:37 1:34:35 0:11:58
Jacksonville "A" 1:24:41 1:36:42 0:12:01
Nova Southeastern "B" 1:26:12 1:38:24 0:12:12
Florida Tech 1:24:01 1:36:14 0:12:13
Stetson 1:25:32 1:38:11 0:12:39
Florida "B" 1:27:09 1:39:55 0:12:46
Jacksonville "B" 1:27:52 1:40:41 0:12:49
Florida "C" 1:28:38 1:41:49 0:13:11

Women's Freshmen/Novice 4 Start Finish Delta Time
Jacksonville "A" 1:54:39 2:08:34 0:13:55
Nova Southeastern "A" 1:51:28 2:05:55 0:14:27
Florida Tech 1:55:23 2:10:02 0:14:39
Rollins "A" 1:52:06 2:06:55 0:14:49
Florida 1:53:41 2:08:47 0:15:06
Jacksonville "B" 1:58:10 2:13:50 0:15:40
Rollins "B" 1:57:22 2:13:20 0:15:58
Nova Southeastern "B" 1:56:07 2:12:41 0:16:34
Barry 1:53:05 2:13:52 0:20:47

Women's Varsity 4 Start Finish Delta Time
Barry "A" 3:21:27 3:35:05 0:13:38
Nova Southeastern "C" 3:30:45 3:45:19 0:14:34
Jacksonville "A" 3:26:01 3:40:37 0:14:36
Nova Southeastern "A" 3:22:29 3:37:08 0:14:39
Barry "B" 3:26:56 3:41:38 0:14:42
Florida Tech 3:23:17 3:38:04 0:14:47
Jacksonville "B" 3:29:09 3:43:59 0:14:50
Stetson 3:25:21 3:40:12 0:14:51
Florida "A" 3:24:05 3:39:00 0:14:55
Rollins 3:24:42 3:39:49 0:15:07
Nova Southeastern "B" 3:27:43 3:42:51 0:15:08
Florida "B" 3:28:29 3:44:06 0:15:37
Barry "C" 3:29:52 3:45:31 0:15:39

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