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September 27, 2012

Another weekend, another road trip, this time it’s off to Tampa to face the Spartans and it seems as though we are at a crossroads in our season. Our new direction is going to require a gladiator-like effort. The disappointment is there but we are showing tremendous strength as we continue to work towards that new direction. The mood in the camp has been all about business, however there is always time for a brief moment of humor, just ask Joao how many touches he is allowed in bullduroum! It is important to report that Joong has returned to training while Shaun is almost there, these revelations must be the reason why we are having such good weather in Florida. Tomo revealed to me this morning, his disappointment in my lack of psychic abilities, as apparently he has a commitment to a new hairstyle that I should have been aware of. All I can say is that it involves a hair color whiter than my skin! I have to extend my apologies to our fans as I have yet to introduce our newest addition to our squad, which is unfortunately yet another Brit. This has deeply concerned the Brazilian contingent as their stranglehold on the dressing room is coming under threat. It just means for the rest of us that it is now utterly impossible to communicate, unless you know gibberish! I might as well conduct this blog in a combination of cockney and Portuguese! Haha sorry but my Portuguese is about as good as my psychic ability, that is non-existent! So back to the new guy, Patrick as he is known around here, another addition to the TSA crew so I know Henry, Edwin and Kendall are very pleased! As Patrick begins to start afresh we might as well follow suit and turn this weekend into our new beginning. With that in mind I best pump up the balls before the bus leaves, till next time,

Once a Buc always a Buc!



September 11, 2012

We are on our way home; it was real in North Carolina and Tennessee! We did a lot of growing up this weekend, as individuals and as a team, something that we need to carry forward into the rest of the season. This trip presented the usual life of luxury as we settled into hotel beds after dining at Longhorn Steak House, as we say down here it was FIRE or FUEGO! We are pleased to announce that Renzo has finally reached his 13th birthday having celebrated his 11th and 12th milestones on the two flights. Kendall and Connor joined Eyal in being productive as they both scored, this time on the field, opening their accounts against Mars Hill and Tusculum respectively. As we start to descend over the Miami lights, one can tend to become somewhat philosophical. This weekend represented what lies ahead for us this season: challenges that we have to overcome together. As I bid farewell to yet another kick about, please remember to keep your hands off "Doddsy's Ball!!!!!!"

Once a Buc; always a Buc!


August 28, 2012

It's that time of the year again, the start of a new season, a new beginning, a new opportunity, new expectations and most importantly new faces! Before I introduce the youngens I have to apologize for the apparent lack of feedback on this blog. Previously, there was not much Kicking it with Kinsman, so I have spoken to the man himself and he has agreed to surface more regularly for a kick about! He is South African after all and they don't really like to work, just ask the new African, Shaun. All I'm saying is Brazilians watch out, the South African presence is growing. Unfortunately, the British clan is growing as well, we thought Tomo and Wilka were enough but those two couldn't resist inviting a mate for a bit of sunshine in Miami so along came Doddsy, Dobbsy, or Michael. It's one of those three. The Brazilians still occupy the majority of congress seats, having added Diego and a familiar face, Cristiano to the presidential campaign. With the amount of Brazilians we have now we are all taking Portuguese lessons and the coaching staff has organized a large hand out of bronze tanning lotion. Christian is delighted to welcome one of his sons into the team, Renzo or Lorenzo as he is now known as, is not actually biologically Christian's son but rather a spitting image of Christian as a freshman without the abdominals. Glen has come and gone, graduated but you could swear he is still in the locker room. Many think it is his ghost but rather it is Ryan, the left-footed version of our former teammate. Another guy that feels like a part of the furniture is BB, short for Bryan Brown, former team manager now player, Bryan, normally you go from player to manager! Rounding out the new boys are Gus and Robbie, two real guys, as in real humans! Not much change to report on the coaching staff, just to note that Joao or JWOW (his Brazilian name) has decided not to leave college just yet so he has become a manager. He is joined on the staff as a newbie by Manhattan’s finest, Mr. Brian Galvin, Rafa and the two wise old heads round out our squad for the season. The season lies in our hands, we are the ones who can plot our direction unless Hurricane Isaac has a say, but never the less, it's gonna be an interesting ride. 

Till the next session, once a buccaneer always a buccaneer! 

October 4, 2011

Once a Buccaneer

It’s been a banter-filled few weeks, since we last checked in with each other. So I bring with me the banter, the results and the insight to our future endeavors! Performance-wise we have been consistent, however we are never far from the drawing board, tweaking certain aspects as we strive for that chip. Aside from the football pitch, the boys are always on top of their game.

Mr Conkleton currently sports a new hairdo, beach blonde, ready for those South Beach trips.

Johnny has taken to his artistic side by introducing a new color scheme to the captain’s armband; I’m still trying to figure out if he used the left over color from Joe’s hair.

Lucas still hasn’t lost his love for the gym, although it is a real toss up these days between the gym and the training room, rumor has it this is not going down well with the weights.

Joao has had to extend his lease on his house, the cafeteria, as Sodexo has become increasingly stricter on meal swipes this year. So please if you do pay a visit to the caf, please stop by and visit Joao, because he is a really busy man with all his classes this semester.

One cannot forget the coaching staff at this point. No doubt a fantastically dedicated group who always provide us with the best platform to perform, and we are waiting patiently for Coach Apaloo to get permission to work again. Although we have taken to his laidback approach in the distance, it always feels like someone is watching but you just can never see him, on that note, Coach the TSA crew and the rest of the boys cant wait to have you back officially!!

I suppose I cannot forget probably the best thing that the boys have been embracing lately, it comes in the pre-game message. Our new slogan has become: “Once a Buccaneer, always a Buccaneer”. Dennis had a professional voice over artist come in and recite it, much to the delight of the staff, team and most importantly the lady fans!

We have travelled to Tennessee and Winter Park, two totally different places and returned with mixed fortunes, however we still have a clear idea of the goal at hand. As we progress into the business end of the season, the banter is sure to continue along with the positive results.

Till next time

Once a Sea Robber always a Sea Robber!


August 23, 2011

Out with the old in with the new:

As we welcome back the banter, the 120's and the new season, it is important that we thank those that have moved on. To the class of 2010, thank you for what you have contributed, we will never ever move on from the old "Epa" trick. So as the old move on, we welcome the new. Although it must be said with Joao, Johnny and Gui still around, the old are most definitely still here. The returners, aka "originals" continue to hold down the fort, while we have an interesting few additions to the squad. Sparky will be pleased with the addition of two new Geordies, Kris and Tomo and Joao will be counting his blessings with the arrival of Lucas. It must be noted that we have now had to employ a team translator because between the Geordies and the Brazilians, the English language has become completely useless. For all Americans reading this do not fear as we have not forgotten to assimilate a few new Yanks into the setup. Connor, Chase and Isle/Aisle/Eel (I wish I knew which one it was) have ensured Landon Donovan and his boys have support here at Barry. Last but not least, we have a Frenchman and a Canadian, enough said. Mateo and Blake have opened up the world of frog's legs, L'Oreal hair care and ice hockey to our boys and finally Mr. Conks has someone to converse with in French.

As for the coaching staff, we have one slight adjustment. We say thank you and goodbye to loyal servant Chris Rich and welcome in a new era with Trevor Banks. It must be noted that with this addition to the staff, TSA (aka Kendall, Glen, Edwin and Henry and if they are so kind, myself included) have made a giant leap in infiltrating the hierarchy. Coach McCrath, although outnumbered, he will never be out gunned.

So as we prepare for another breakneck season, we only have eyes for one thing, that NCAA chip. I will leave you all with words from a short, wise man, who had a friend from Puerto Rico.

They always said, "Something light, ain't never heavy!"

(Marc Rafols voice) Lets go BUUUU!!


Oh oh ....

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