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Oct. 24, 2010

In the words of freshman Morgan Garcia"It's been a rough day at the office" these past few games. Sometimes I feel like it's all my fault!!

A quick recap of the past 5 games in 3 weeks:

Northwood scored a freak goal off of a keepers punt, and hopefully the only goal we'll ever see of its kind. We did not play well, and suffered a 1-0 loss to the United States of Sweden. I'm not kidding, there was only one American on the field for their starting lineup.

As the Saturday night game against Rollins arrived, we had improved our work ethic and came to fight. They were the first in a line of 3 ranked opponents we would face in eight days. It was an amazingly hard fought battle as we looked to recover from the Tuesday loss. We took the lead but had a hard time keeping a hold on it, and we went on to lose 2-3. Similar to our loss against UWF, we left the field feeling as if we deserved the W.

The following Wednesday, we enjoyed an absolute soaking practice; it rained so hard on the soccer field that pieces of pitch were literally being torn up for the heavy drops. We witnessed some graceful slip n' sliding by our own Ziena Cline, and worked to continue our mentality for the coming Friday's game.

In an informal Parent's Weekend, we had several families come out to watch the 2 home games that weekend. Parents munched on burgers and dogs before the game and provided us with the loudest cheering section we've seen all year. Thank you so much to all of you for coming out and supporting us. We love you all!!

You can also thank my parents for the delay on my posting, as their visit set my schedule off and allowed me a scapegoat to blame my lack of productivity for the weekend J

Back to the games though… Columbus State was another strong opponent and was a tough fight for the full 93 minutes. Again, we walked away with a loss and felt as if we had done enough for a win. It was a back and forth battle, as both teams had several chances. After taking them to a tie in the full 90, we went on to be beaten in a golden goal. Those are always the worst! However, it was exciting to know we could compete against such a highly ranked opponent. Columbus State had only been scored on 3 times prior to our game, so we walked away proud of our offensive performance.

Florida Southern was the last of our ranked adversaries we would be facing. Unfortunately, we suffered another loss, but this time we did not prove to be the better team. We struggled to find the right mentality and couldn't capitalize on our chances. The second half showed a bit of an improvement, but we still couldn't manage to squeak out that last bit necessary to win. It was a heartbreaking loss, as a win could have solidified our chances at post-season play. We walked away a bit heartbroken, but knew we would soon find our winning ways again.

We didn't have to wait much longer as our game against Chowan arrived. Being that it was our last home game of regular season, we took a moment to honor our Seniors on their final night at Buccaneer Stadium. It was an emotional night for Morgan Ault and Silvia Lugo, but we made sure to have them leave on a bang. Morgan even got a chance to put her second career goal into the back of the net as we routed them in a 9-0 win. Unfortunately, Silvia couldn't say the same, but did manage to take more shots in one game than she has all season! We also inked ourselves into the record books as #2 all time most shots in one game (if you're curious, it was 55-1).

Morgan"Edward" Ault – Known as Smorgasbord to the Swedes, you have blessed us with an amazing 4 years in defense. We appreciate you taking time off from your biker gang crew back home in Temecula to make your cross country trek here to Miami. We will miss your cries of"OUCH!" from your poor little toes, and your country music jammin'. As your career comes to an end, we hope you find time for more Chipotle, pina coladas, and resuming your full time position as"the face of Barry." You will be greatly missed, as no one will quite be able to count us off for the team cheer quite like you. We love you!!

Silvia Maria Lugo Merced – What a gift to from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico! Although you still can't manage to get off the island time, we still keep you around. You've had a breakout year with 3 goals and 4 assists, but more important is your recently discovered talents at the pan flute. DJ Silvia, keep those tunes comin' with your dancing queen moves. Good luck with graduation and overcoming that language barrier in the psychology department as well. Try not to destroy too many boxes of Oreos once your leave us. Your sense of humor, outgoingness, and ESOL qualties will be truly missed. Te adoramos Silver!

It was a beautiful night to say goodbye, and we couldn't have asked for a better result on which to go into our game against Conference foes Florida Tech. Albeit confusing in its ways, we still have a very good chance of making post season. Needless to say, we know how big of a game it could be…

Until next half,
Haley Struthers

Oct. 4, 2010

Four games in two weeks and another month gone by… Whew, I'm exhausted just remembering it!

After our wins in Georgia, we got a bit greedy again and decided to continue the streak for another two games as we began conference play. First, we hosted Lynn at our Buccaneer Field on Wednesday Sept. 22nd. In a quick history lesson, I want to openly recap our record with Lynn in the past 4 years: 0-5. The heated rivalry has not been overcome since 2005, and 2010 brought about a serious change. After a first goal scored by Lynn 20 minutes in due to a defensive miscommunication, the game rolled on. With rapid shots on goal by our offensive line for a solid 45 minutes, we dominated the attack outshooting Lynn 29-8 and knew it was only a matter of time before one was in the net. Sophomore and last year's leading goal scorer Melissa Madrid was hungry for goals as she managed to ping the post twice in the second half. Apparently we either wanted to keep all our fans in their seats, or cause a few more gray hairs for Coach, as we waited until the last 10 minutes of the game to score. Our first came on a foul committed by Lynn in the box (resulting in a PK) that freshman stud Emma Karp easily slotted home. The second goal came only 4 minutes later as Karp punched a service from Katie Lamendola into the net. At this point, I think even assistant coach Denise Brolly was on the field celebrating. Lynn's spirits severely dampened after, and the rest of the game was a non-contest. The feeling as that final whistle blew was stunning and the entire team sent an "Ole, Ole!" chant through the crowds.

Sunday's home game against Tampa quickly arrived. On a very hot, humid and bright afternoon, we prepared to take on the 2007 NCAA champions. After a first goal from Karp, we finally felt secure to notch the initial goal. Unfortunately, Tampa came back less than a minute later after a defensive failure to clear the ball. The next 50 minutes was exhausting and not the best soccer we've played as a team. We saw numerous players go down with exhaustion and injuries that were aggravated by the onslaught of heat and we allowed Tampa to gain an edge that we would have to fight hard to overcome. Senior Silvia Lugo, with a standout performance, led that fight, as she slotted home a goal off a free kick from Melony Poviones and a touch from Madrid. We quickly worked the goal to our advantage, and scored just 8 minutes later. Lugo worked to recover a ball from a Tampa defender in the box and served it in. The ball lofted to the far bar, where another Tampa defender managed to clear the ball into her own net. Although we walked away with the win, and improved our conference record to 2-0, it was a rough win. Good teams manage to find a way to win, even when they don't perform their best and we truly exemplified that against Tampa.

We spent the next few days recovering and learning from our sub-par game, hoping to show improvements in the coming game against Nova Southeastern on Sept. 29th. As Tropical Depression 16 (later named Nicole) made its way to South Florida, we were drenched day after day while at training. The rain continued into Wednesday, and we spent much of the day in limbo as to whether the game would still be on. As the afternoon rolled on, we prepared for a very wet and slick game away at Nova's University Field. We did not show up to play, as Nova quickly made apparent they were not about to give the game up easily. In just 6 minutes, the Sharks posted a goal and continued to put us under fire for the entire 90 minutes. Our play was sloppy and not composed, and we were caught by an offside trap that found our forwards at a loss of space to run through. We were unable to convert on 6 corner kicks as well. The Sharks walked away with the 3-0 win and we failed to score for the first time in 9 games.

We moved on from our first loss in conference and looked forward to the final game of the week. As we headed to Saint Leo to take on the Lions, we knew it was going to be a battle. After a long bus trip up, we stepped out onto the field and took in the task at hand. St. Leo hasn't won a game in conference yet, but they've managed to give every team they've played a serious beating anyways. Always a physical team, they didn't fail to live up to expectations and many of us walked away with more than one new bruise.

The Lions started the game quick, as they scored just 5 minutes in. Again, our defense struggled to find the rhythm necessary to hold strong, and created an uphill battle for the next 105 minutes, as the game would continue into overtime. Karp managed to draw a PK in the second half, and easily converted it to another goal to put her at 15 for the season. After a St. Leo player attempted to start a tousle with Silvia over the PK, we knew it was about to get ugly. Luckily, our Puerto Rican kept it under control and took the high road; #16, we will remember you!

We continued to fight back, and just 4 minutes later, junior Lainie Ferring punished an overzealous keeper by winning a free kick and chipping her as she attempted to sprint back to her box. The following 20 minutes was back and forth action, but unfortunately St. Leo poked an unfair finish off a corner into our net in the 80th. On a service into the box, keeper Miki Barboza went up and snagged the ball, but was undercut by a Lion player and lost her touch. The ball bounced straight down and was bodied in by another Lion to equalize the game. As regulation ended, St. Leo was clearly exhausted but continued their physical game, and walked away with 4 yellow cards. We were strong throughout the final overtime 20 and we managed to put them under pressure continuously. Madrid nearly sent us home with a win after blasting a shot into the upper left corner that just barely pinged the post and went over.

Although we couldn't take home the win, we managed to maintain the tie and went home exhausted but with heads up for the coming games. After an exhausting ride back and finally arriving home at 3 AM, all of us headed to bed with plenty of knocks and pains. As we spend the next two days resting and preparing for our non-conference game against Northwood, we bear in mind the tasks ahead of us. Conference play is always brutal, and the next few games will be no walk in the park.

September 19, 2010

Back again from a weekend trip, and boy, was Hanz excited about it. Too bad we forgot him… woops, maybe next time buddy!

After a long week of rest, we were back again for a game against neighboring Florida Memorial on Sept 11. The game was a flat out disappointment, as we showed just how quickly success could be thrown back in our face. We suffered a 2-1 loss to a sub-par team that outran and out-hearted us. Fortunately, we picked ourselves back up the following day and got focused on the next training before Monday's matchup.

On Sept 13, we took on the Sailfish of Palm Beach Atlantic. In the past, our games against them have always proven to be exciting and goal-filled; Wednesday was no exception. We scored another 5 and accomplished a huge feat for the season: we held a shutout. Apparently, we liked it so much, we've decided to make it a trend!

Currently rolling off of a three game shutout and win-streak, it was a very successful weekend. We travelled to Georgia (the ATL airport employees now know us by name) to participate in the Katie Lamendola, I mean… Little Feet Invitational.

The first game took place at Georgia College and State University against visiting Georgia Southwestern, According to the score line, it was a smack down; according to me, it was utter domination. We possessed the ball for, I'd say, over 75% of the game, and didn't allow a single attack from them in the second half. Assists and goals were universal across the roster, but the standout for me was junior Joanna Stewart. Jo not only scored her first goal of her collegiate career, but she decided to add a second off a spectacular header on a set piece. I think all of us cried a bit; we were so excited for her! It was a well-fought game, and we were very excited to make such a statement.

That evening, as a treat for playing so well, coach decided to take us to ice cream!! We hit up a local establishment called Bruster's, and indulged in classic banana splits, sundaes, and ice cream cups. I think Melissa Madrid takes the cake with her"Cotton Candy Explosion" and Dinosaur cookie treat. We thought you deserved it too for those sweet goals!
Saturday was a relaxing day, as most spent time hanging at the hotel and getting some work done. Pretty much, I think everyone slept for 13 hours that day… all that "mental preparation" was exhausting

Sunday brought about our final game, and proved to be a tougher matchup. In a flashback of last season, we took on GCSU at home for the final game of the tournament. Last year, we lost in overtime and played on one of the worst (replacement) fields most of us had ever experienced. Luckily, we were at better facilities, and had a better outcome… a sign of things to come!? We routed them in a 3-0 win, and freshman keeper Miki Barboza swept up a third straight clean sheet. Performances were stellar all around, as the defensive wolf pack held tight again, and the offensive created plenty of opportunities.

After a great win, we headed back to the airport… a two hour drive from Milledgeville. Word of advice from the Barry Women's Soccer Travel Experts: there is nothingto do there. However we did entertain ourselves with some nice jams and dance moves courtesy of DJ Brunchy Brunch… she is taking bookings now, so hurry and lay your claim!

I would also like to say, Sofia Jakobsson is currently playing Super Mario Bros. on her computer while we fly back to Miami. That's some A+ student work right there!!

September 9, 2010

Wow… where to even start?! Not only am I stunned that it's already September, but we've already completed our first tournament! So, let me bring you up to speed, and try to catch myself up as well.

Preseason ended well, winning our two games against the local club teams quite effectively. Our only loss came at the hands of the Trinidad national team (4-1), but we came back to put one in the net the second half to hold them to 1-1 in the final 45 minutes. We were still able to play effective soccer despite the score line and the loss helped us to see just how capable we are, even against a quick and skilled team.

Monday rolled around and classes, as much as we wanted to pretend they weren't, had begun. It wasn't long before we were back to training and then off to games, though. The first game of the season took place in Pensacola (at the very top and western edge of Florida) where we faced the University of Northern Alabama. Ranked #19 in the nation and only suffering 4 losses in the previous season, we expected quite a matchup; I'm not sure they could have said the same thing!

We came out on fire, and scored pretty quickly into the first half. Unfortunately, UNA came back to score 4 more, and the situation felt all too familiar from the Trinidad game. Fortunately, that didn't seem to sink into anyone, as we came storming back to score 3 more (with a beautiful hat trick by freshman Emma Karp and another to tie it from Lainie Ferring). Words cannot express the excitement on the field, on the bench, or the stun UNA was suffering after we forced the game into overtime. Oh, and no big deal, our keeper didn't head the ball and then bicycle kick it during the game. What a stud! As the first half of the 10-minute period began, we were all still buzzing from our unanswered goals… could we possibly, just maybe, do it again? It would take another few minutes into the second half to have our answer, but after Karp took on 3 defenders just outside the 6-yard box and slotted it… Yeah, we did. J What a feeling!!
We then stayed to watch the game following ours, and chowed down on some pizza. I think Sarah Franz ate an entire pizza herself! As you will come to notice, there will be lots of mention about the food we ate, because, quite frankly, we love food!

As coach had promised, the following morning began with a delicious start including some good, old-fashioned Krispy Kremes. Danielle Mabie decided to eat an entire box herself! The rest of the day was a relaxing day off, and after a morning swim, we set out for lunch. Taking in a local establishment, we went to McGuire's for some"dining, imbibing, and debauchery" as advertised on their sign. Ladies and gentlemen, there we witnessed the most disgusting meal known to this planet.

Name: Garbage Burger

Eaten by: Chelsea Stoeckigt

Contents: Burger patty, ice cream, hot fudge, liverwurst, saurkraut, olives, wasabi, salsa, pastrami, peanut butter, bacon, too many cheeses, and who the heck else knows!

And I kid you not, she ate it; we have proof!!

Following the interesting meal, which many of us had to be rolled out of, we headed out to some local sightseeing. We took an adventure to Fort Pickens, where we were let loose to run through the dark tunnels and take in great views of the Gulf coast. Aside from Allie Llaneras deciding to jump in a cactus, it was a fun trip. We then headed to the beach where we had some great moments and picture perfect chances. It was amazing to see the beauty that was once covered in oil slick, and astounding to see the work that has been done to clean it up. We then returned back to the hotel for some rest before dinner.

Dinner was …interesting to say the least. Between the cockroaches, the resident cats we named Paulo and Francisco, and the pretty pictures drawn on the coasters, I think we'll be avoiding returning there anytime soon.

Then it was back to the hotel, after four hours of being out. Sleepy time had finally arrived and morning call was set at 10:30. After some brunch full of bagels, cold-cut sandwiches, fruit and more, we were rushed up to our rooms to pack and get changed into our uniforms. The time had finally arrived: West Florida game time.

It was hot, sunny, and a bright afternoon for soccer. From the first whistle, we knew we were in for a very serious 90 minutes. Again, we went down to a 2-0 margin, but not once did we give up hope. Halftime was full of encouragements and"We can do this" chants as we took the field for the final 45. After a brilliant first goal by Karp, we were once again on our way back. The second goal came off of a free kick I served in and finished, again, by freshman Emma Karp. Can I say, what a feeling, again!! Here we were, coming back and outplaying the #2 team in the nation.

Unfortunately, the final goal by West Florida came with 30 seconds left in the half and we suffered a defeat. Not a single person left that field upset though, as we had once again, proven our ability to fight back. I was so proud to walk off the field a part of the team, and couldn't have asked for a better attitude from everyone.

We rushed off the field for some refuge from the still blazing hot heat, and were headed off to the airport as soon as we had finished showering. What a trip it was… and reviewing from the plane over Atlanta, I can truly saw I am amazed by what this team will accomplish this year.

The plane, by the way, was also shared by the Nova and Lynn men's soccer teams; I think the rest of the flyers were a bit overwhelmed by our smell emanating from all the bags! I'll leave you with a message from our new travelling team mascot, affectionately named Hanz.

"Can't wait to report back from Georgia, see you all again soon! Aufwiedersehen"

Until next half,

Haley Struthers

Assisted by second to end, left bench, sophomore student but freshy on the team, 3rd string keeper, Melissa Toledo

An inside look into the Barry Women's Soccer program and their shenanigans.

Hello again! Another year and another look into the 2010 season of Barry Women's Soccer:

This past week of training has truly flown, but we're back to another season and ready to go. Trying to assimilate a new team in just one week of double days and preseason has been pretty amazing to watch and participate in. We've welcomed in 9 new players and lost a few old ones, but all in all, it's shaping up to be a very fun and skilled team.
We've brought in quite the crew from my home state of California, and it's nice to have a little, in the words of Katy Perry,"West Coast represent, and put your hands up… wo-ah wo-ah ohhh!" There are also some east coast kids from Princeton, NJ and Aurora, Illinois. To join our two other Swedes, we brought in one more to make the tre vännerna … the three amigos! And of course, there are the local Floridians to help round out a very exciting roster.

The intended season opener, planned for the 20th, was pretty much a disaster. I say that in the nicest way possible considering we had a lot of fun as a team, but it was definitely a bit of a letdown. I should start that we didn't actually have a game, but rather had a slew of issues that resulted in a very long day for all involved.

Our day began with a lovely late start, and then a standard team meal. We then met for a classroom session, gathered our things, and were on our way. Being that FGCU is only two hours away, it was a brief trip, and we stopped a few minutes before our destination for some cold cuts and refreshments. However, after packing things up, we realized our bus was not actually starting, and spent the next few minutes entertaining ourselves with the Ninja game, and meeting some lovely Publix employees. After spending an hour or so hanging with Cleofina (our new BFF!) and the lovely crew who's lunch breaks we interrupted, we were finally on our way to FGCU… on their bus. Upon our arrival at FGCU, good old Florida decided to drop off some lightning and thunder, and further delay our game. After warming up, cooling down, hanging out, warming up, and then just sitting, our game was cancelled about 2 hours later. So, we all piled back on the bus (a new one with a working engine thankfully) and headed home. An eventful day, nonetheless, but unfortunately ended with no result.

Pre-season picked back up again, and we've been having some great but exhausting training sessions. Looking forward as a team, the excitement for the season is apparent in everyone. Between the two-a-days and Target trips, I think we're all ready for the true season to begin. By the way parents, send money for those Target trips… I promise all the stuff we've been buying is completely necessary.

Until next half,
Haley Struthers

October 26, 2009

On a more serious note and as our season winds down, I would personally like to say thank you to a wonderful group of six girls that my fellow teammates and I have had the pleasure of playing with. On October 20th, we celebrated the careers of Stephanie Day, Nicole Day, Emily Pratt, Damarys Mendez, Danielle Boyes, and Michelle Tarasiuk. All six players have had their own impact on our program here at Barry University, and needless to say, all of our careers would not be the same without them. It has been a true blessing sharing the pitch with you and we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Bringing you up to speed, we have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride the past couple of weeks. Coming off a heart-breaking loss to Saint Leo, we traveled to Tampa for a clutch match-up at their stadium. After a heated 90-plus minute battle, we came away with a win in an overtime golden goal. The celebration that followed left us all with a hunger for more; so, we extended our win streak to two for the first time all season.
After a night of goodbyes and hugs, we went on to demolish Palm Beach Atlantic with an astounding 5-0 result. It was a perfect way to end our final home game at Buccaneer Field. As a team, we were extremely pleased with the result, and if any fan could have shared the excitement on the field that night, they would have agreed. It was magical to watch, and even more enjoyable to play.

Sadly, the same could not be said for our match against Rollins as we dropped to 5-11 for the season and lost 4-0. If we have learned anything from this past season, the game isn't over until the final whistle so we'll be looking to redeem ourselves in the final make-or-break game of the season against Lynn at their home field on Wednesday October 28th.
The season itself has taught me as a player that every minute requires a constant focus on the importance of the fight, and that is exactly what this final game comes down to. With the loss of several key players due to injuries, these final 90 minutes are our last hopes to continue into post-season.
"It's why we play the game. Anything is possible, anything can happen, and we are here to prove that."

Until next half….
Haley Struthers

October 11, 2009

Hello all! So after a temporary hiatus, the women's soccer team is back to its winning ways and I figured now, on a high from the win, I would bring you all up to speed on our recent antics and adventures.

While I don't want to dwell too much on the soccer portion, I will say that after a bit of a slump, we are excited for the next few conference matches. The win against Eckerd was a nice breath of fresh air, but we are well aware of the battle that is ahead.

So now that we've touched on our win, and I definitely don't want to focus on the losses, I am going to move on to the next best subject. That would be… FOOD! Now, as an athlete, you would hope that I know the importance of feeding myself well-balanced meals and avoiding too many bad treats. However, the fact in lies is that I am a college student on a tight budget who will take any free meal thrown at them. So, a quick recap of the meals that we as a team have feasted on:

The best, by far, was on our way out of town from Atlanta; a unanimous decision led us to a Teppanyaki style restaurant that left us all wanting a wheelbarrow to sit in while we rolled out of the joint. Might I add, my side of the table won in a competition to see who could catch more pieces of shrimp in their mouth. As they were hefted into the air by our chef using his cooking utensils, we saw that us soccer players are just as skilled catching out of the air using our mouths as we are with our feet. Nicole Day, all I can say is that it must have been a male shrimp.

Our second meal I want to talk about was at a lovely shindig called Cracker Barrel. After a delayed flight from Fort Lauderdale into Atlanta, we arrived starving and ready for any sort of sustenance late one evening. Our laundry list of restaurants being what it was, we chose said place, and sat down for a feast. After a disappointing announcement by our waitress that they were out of biscuits, potatoes, and broccoli (and with that, half the menu went down) we all made our final decisions and settled on our meals. Highlight of the evening was most definitely an exclamation made by our dear Swede Joanna, who was just so excited for 3 sides… fist pound… 3 SIDES!!

A final meal, although it was not so much that as it was a Pig-Out, came late, late one evening after a long day. A decision was made to raid the vending machines in our hotel (yes, we did use our own money, and yes, it was worth every penny) and resulted in the most intense gorge I have enjoyed in ages. Among our snacks were M&Ms, trail mix, pixy stixs, popcorn, the most glorious cupcakes I have ever sank my teeth into, 3 musketeers, and Reese's cups, which our freshman Swede Sofia had never encountered and we had to change that. After a heated attempt at Mad Gab, some YouTube videos, and salad finger impersonations, we called it a night with some very painful stomachaches. Definitely one for the record books…

The following night, we kept up the fat intake with a gift of a half-dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts that magically appeared in my hands, and obviously could not go to waste. I have to say a job well done to my entire crew of fatty partners-in-crime.
Despite all the sugar probably still running through my system, I have tried to curb the late night treatsies, and so far I think we are keeping a good track record as a binge- eating-avoiding crew. We are, however, looking to turn things around in the coming few games as we enter the final countdown in our conference play. The season seems to have flown by, and I look forward to reporting back with even more quips and anecdotes about the Barry women's team before the end.

And finally, a quick shout out and thank you to all the relatives that showed up these past few games for a fantastic"pseudo-parents weekend". Without you guys, we wouldn't have delicious chocolate covered fruits, yummy cupcakes or a generally great support system (win or lose). Above all, you all remind us of the reasons why we keep fighting and loving this sport that is soccer.
Until next half….
Haley Struthers

August 28, 2009

As preseason draws to a close and we buckle down for our season, there are many reflections I would like to share with my mother and the few others that will be reading this. While the wonders of three-a-days and falling asleep at 8 pm may not sound like a blast, we have definitely enjoyed our first few weeks overall. Despite the rain-soaked practices and coach's refusal to buy us dinner after a late practice, it has been an excellent start. Don't worry Coach, we still enjoyed stuffing our faces at Steve's and doing the interval set the next morning…

The incoming crew and returners alike have bonded very well, and we're looking forward to a season of laughs, fun, and success. Sadly, we can no longer walk around campus as if we are the only ones here (due to the arrival of the massive freshman class) nor can we enjoy our banquet table in the cafeteria, the odd napkin bouquet of flowers from the Resident Assistant's table, and an elevator that's always waiting for us at our floor. However, we still have the privilege of opening a season with high hopes and enjoying each other, especially with the upcoming trip to Tampa to play North Georgia in our first game. We're looking to continue our strong start of 2-0 in exhibition play and are working hard for a season with something to prove.

While I cannot offer too many funny stories yet (we're a work in progress… just wait until we start traveling) I do have to say the highlight of preseason has to have been the nicknames Stephanie Day seems to be so fond of giving everyone. For some reason, she has decided male names suit us all best, as we have trained ourselves to only respond to Steven, Melvin, Alfonso, and a few others that have no connection to our real names whatsoever. We'll see just how far this goes.

Until next half….
Haley Struthers

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