SSC Women’s Tennis Capsules

Barry Buccaneers No. 1 seed Barry Buccaneers
Record: 19-0, 8-0 SSC
National Ranking: 2
South Region Ranking: 1
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 14 Cristina Valladares, No. 15 Linda Fritschken, No. 38 Olivia Matuszak
Doubles: Mona Mansour-Cristina Valladares

Lynn Fighting Knights No. 2 seed Lynn Fighting Knights
Record: 16-3, 7-1 SSC
National Ranking: 4
South Region Ranking: 2
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 3 Ioana Ivan, No. 18 Andrea Berkova, No. 40 Sabine Krause
Doubles: No. 3 Ioana Ivan-Sabine Krause

Saint Leo Lions No. 3 seed Saint Leo Lions
Record: 16-5, 5-3 SSC
National Ranking: 15
South Region Ranking: 5
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 13 Laura Kemkes, No. 25 Emily Singleton
Doubles: No. 8 Laura Kemkes-Emily Singleton

Florida Tech Panthers No. 4 seed Florida Tech Panthers
Record: 16-6, 4-4 SSC
National Ranking: 24
South Region Ranking: 9
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 19 Katarina Huba, Kristina Huba
Doubles: No. 12 Katarina Huba-Kristina Huba

Rollins Tars No. 5 seed Rollins Tars
Record: 11-9, 4-4 SSC
National Ranking: 12
South Region Ranking: 4
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 46 Lisa Loft, Ashley Rosenberg, Mariana Salvador
Doubles: Ashley Rosenberg-Mariana Salvador

Nova Southeatern Sharks No. 6 seed Nova Southeastern Sharks
Record: 7-13, 4-4 SSC
National Ranking: 18
South Region Ranking: 6
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: No. 27 Alexandra Johannson, No. 44 Dominique Wimmer
Doubles: No. 22 Alexandra Johannson-Austin Lavalli

Florida Southern Moccasins No. 7 seed Florida Southern Moccasins
Record: 10-9, 3-5 SSC
National Ranking: 19
South Region Ranking: 7
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: Magda Ruitort, Sabine Goge
Doubles: No. 14 Sabine Goge-Magda Ruitort

Tampa Spartans No. 8 seed Tampa Spartans
Record: 6-8, 1-7 SSC
National Ranking: NA
South Region Ranking: NA
Key Players (with national rank): Singles: Thasia Garcia, Megan Mancini
Doubles: Thasia Garcia-Briana Ryan





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