Barry Athletics Post Record-High GPA

Barry Athletics Post Record-High GPA
Barry athletic teams had a spring term average GPA of 3.234 in the spring.

MIAMI SHORES, Fla. – Barry University’s athletic teams set new academic records in the classroom in the spring semester.

Barry’s 12 athletic teams posted a record-high 3.301 average cumulative grade point average in the spring.  The Buccaneers average team term GPA was 3.234.

All 12 teams had a cume GPA above 3.0 for the second straight semester. It marked the first time in school history all 12 teams had GPAs over 3.0 for both fall and spring semesters.

“Once again we have so much to be proud of as our student-athletes had an outstanding academic performance in the spring 2013 term,” said Maritza Ryder, Assistant Dean of the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences, who oversees academic support services.

The Buccaneers women’s golf team had the highest GPA at 3.511 in the spring. Men’s soccer was second with program-high 3.436, and volleyball was third at 3.435.

TERM GPA                                    CUM GPA            
Women’s Golf            3.511*           Women’s Golf             3.594*
Men’s Soccer             3.436*           Volleyball                   3.420*
Volleyball                    3.435*           Men’s Soccer             3.419*
Women’s Basketball   3.245            Women’s Basketball  3.360
Women’s Tennis         3.217            Men’s Tennis              3.338*
Women’s Soccer        3.215            Softball                      3.333*
Men’s Tennis              3.195*           Women’s Soccer        3.288
Softball                       3.179*           Women’s Tennis         3.261
Women’s Rowing       3.154            Women’s Rowing        3.220
Men’s Basketball        3.107*           Baseball                    3.200*
Baseball                    3.069*            Men’s Basketball       3.127*
Men’s Golf                 3.050*            Men’s Golf                 3.057*

Team - Average Term GPA 3.234*     Team - Average Cum GPA    3.301* ^

•    70.8 %* of all student-athletes had a Spring term GPA of 3.0 or higher.
•    6.8 % of all student-athletes had a 4.0 Spring term GPA.
•    70.8 %* of all student-athletes had a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher following Spring 2013 term.

*Figures include incomplete spring course grades. Final grade point averages and team rankings may change.

^ - Indicates new record-high since 1992