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Program Overview

Requirements For The Bachelor of Liberal Studies:

Distribution Requirements or General Electives: (6 Credits)

Students pursuing the BLS degree must select or transfer the following two courses in the distribution or take them as general electives:

PSY 206: Principles of Psychology

HUM 303: Modern Currents in the Humanities

Requirements For The Behavioral Science Specialization (30 credits):

Required Courses: (6 Credits)

For all specializations, students will complete a core introductory and capstone course (6 credits):

BLS 299: Critical Approaches to Liberal Studies
BLS 499: Liberal Studies Capstone

Requirements For The Behavioral Science Specialization:

SOC 201 : Introduction to Sociology

SWS 336: Social Welfare as a Social Institution

SOC 301: American Family or SOC 307 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 415: Women in Contemporary Society or SOC 417 Sociology of Death and Dying

PSY 305: Personality Development or PSY 304 Essentials of Lifespan Development

PSY 412: Adult Psychopathology or PSY 428 Human Sexuality or PSY 410 Group Dynamics and Decision-Making

PSY 425 : Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling

Specialization Elective: 3 credits

Any additional 3 credits at the 300 or 400 level in Anthropology, Psychology, Social Welfare Services or Sociology.

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