Barry University is in The Bahamas

Barry University provides you with the knowledge and support you need to develop professionally in order to propel your career to the next level. We offer a master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) in The Bahamas in a cohort format, making it convenient for you to attend graduate school.

Earn a MSW in Freeport or Nassau. Freeport cohorts begin in the Spring 2014. Nassau cohorts begin in the Fall 2013.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Join us at the next information session and your application fee is waived!

Stay tuned for details for upcoming Information Sessions in October and November.
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Program Highlights

  • Receive a special Bahamas tuition discount ($500 per credit for the entire matriculation)
  • Courses are taught in Nassau or Freeport
  • Gain experience in our NEW trauma-informed advanced clinical program
  • Complete two 8-week Field Practicums in Miami, Florida
  • Receive personal attention from distinguished faculty in small classes

Bahamas MSW Programs:

Part-Time MSW 60 credit Program – Cohort begins Spring 2014
The Part-Time MSW Programme is designed to allow students who cannot pursue full-time study to work toward a MSW degree on a structured, time-extended basis. Students may apply to either the Advanced Standing or Traditional MSW Programme as a part-time student. We offer evening and weekend classes to accommodate the work schedules of part-time students.

Advanced Standing 32 Credit Program – Cohort begins Fall 2014
The School of Social Work also offers an Advanced Standing Master of Social Work program, which allows BSW students to complete the MSW program in one year. Students may also elect to attend on a part-time basis, which allows for completion of the program in 4 consecutive semesters. Advanced Standing applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree in social work from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and meet certain other specific requirements. Students in the Advanced Standing program complete 32 credit hours of required social work courses and electives.

60-Credit Course Plan

  • Internships would be facilitated in The Bahamas and in Miami Shores.
  • Students would begin their internships with an Own Agency Placement (OAP)
Spring Semester I
Semester II-A
Spring Semester II-B
(Miami Shores)
Fall Semester III
SW 503 Intro to Social Work (3)

SW 519 Ways of Knowing (3)

SW 537 Field Education I-A (3)

# of credits - 9
Field Hours:
8 hrs./14 wks.= 112 hrs.
SW 539 Human Development (3)

SW 569 Trauma & Resiliency (3)

SW 537 Field Education I-B

# of credits - 6
Field Hours:
7 hrs./4 wks. =28 hrs.
Total hrs. for SW537=140
SW 533 Social Service Environment (3)

SW 529 Environmental Context of Practice (3)

SW 577 Field Education II-A (4)

# of credits - 10
Field Hours:
21 hrs./8 wks.=168 hrs.
SW 607 Psychopathology (3)

SW 611 SW Ad. Practice with Individuals (3)

SW 577 Field Education II-B (4)

# of credits - 6
Field Hours:
8 hrs./14 wks.=112hrs.
Total hrs. for SW577= 280

Spring Semester IV
Semester V-A
Spring Semester V-B
(Miami Shores)
Fall Semester VI
SW 563 Models of Intervention (3)

SW 545 Intro to Clinical Assessment (3)

SW 675 Field Education III-A (4)

# of credits - 10
Field Hours:
12 hrs./14wks= 168hrs.
SW 685 Evaluation in Clinical Practice (3)

SW---Elective (3)

SW 675 Field Education III-B

# of credits - 6
Field Hours:
7 hrs./4 wks. =28 hrs.
12 hrs./4 weeks=48hrs.
SW 619 Ad. Practice with Families (3)

SW 689 Field Education IV-A(4)

# of credits - 7
35hrs/8 wks.=280hrs.
(112 hrs. towards SW 675 and 168 hrs. towards SW 689)
Completion of SW675/ Start of SW689
Total hrs. for SW675=336
SW677 Ad. Practice with Groups (3)

SW 687 Leadership, Advocacy & Policy Practice (3)

SW 689 Field Education IV-B

# of credits - 6
12 hrs./14 wks.=168hrs.
Total hrs. for SW689= 336

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