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Why Biology at Barry?

Why Biology at Barry?

Barry’s undergraduate biology program offers small-sized classes, allowing its students to receive individualized attention.

In addition, a vast majority of the program’s lecture courses include laboratory components, allowing students to apply the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom and gain valuable hands-on experience.

Upon entering the biology program, undergraduate students are partnered with an academic advisor who provides academic support and remains the student’s advisor for the duration of his or her studies at Barry. Students in the program may also have the opportunity to work alongside biology faculty members as they conduct and publish research.

Biology Faculty

Barry’s biology faculty members are accomplished teachers and researchers and have published in scientific journals in a variety of areas, including entomology, cardiac physiology, virology, yeast genetics, fish behavior, seagrass beds, neurodevelopment, cancer research, reproductive genetics, endocrinology, hearing, biostatistics and science teaching, among others.  
Biology faculty members present their work annually at regional and national scientific conferences and frequently attend these conferences with student authors.

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South Florida Location

Barry’s South Florida location, with its year-round access to unique environments such like the Florida Everglades and the only living reefs in the continental United States, will give you additional opportunities for research and observation.

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