Stephanie Bingham, Ph.D.

Stephanie Bingham, Ph.D.


Contact Information

Office: Siena Building 309
Telephone: 305-899-3215

Stephanie Bingham, PhD (University of Missouri-Columbia) is a developmental biologist with an active research lab studying mechanisms underlying zebrafish development. She also teaches a number of courses in the College of Arts and Sciences including:

  • Biological Foundations lab (BIO 110L)
  • Cell Biology lecture (BIO 330)
  • Embryology lecture (BIO 451)
  • Genetics lab (BIO 341L)
  • Human Genetics lecture (BIO 303)
  • Introduction to Anatomy lecture and lab (BIO 220/220L)
  • Introduction to Physiology lecture and lab (BIO 240/240L)
  • Neurobiology lecture (BIO 337)
  • Seminar (BIO 475)
  • Senior Seminar (LIB 487)