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Student Testimonials

As a recent graduate of the accelerated one year biomedical science program at Barry University; I appreciated the learning environment of small class sizes that allowed us to get to know the professors for a better learning environment. I have been accepted into dental school and am currently in my second semester. I was able to maintain an A average for the first semester and I credit that to the knowledge I gained at Barry University through the curriculum and the experience it gave me to make a better transition into dental school.

Marissa Crandall

The Biomedical Sciences Program at Barry enabled me to prove, to myself and to the admissions committee, that I could academically excel in medical school. The Human Anatomy and Neuroanatomy lectures and cadaver labs taught me academic and clinical concepts that I will never forget.


Barry University's BMS program was not only a great preparation for dental school but it was the reason i was accepted to Nova Southeastern College of Dental Medicine. The course selection was extremely challenging but with the right approach accompanied with the necessary hard work they can become very rewarding. I highly recommend this program for those students that are serious about their future but having trouble getting into highly competitive medical programs.

Adam Lazar

Barry University prepared me for dental school by not only solidifying my core scientific requirements, but also by introducing me to higher level subjects which gave me an edge during my first year. The curriculum was challenging, but rewarding and it acclimated me to an environment that parallels the rigors of dental school. Additionally, my classmates were highly motivated and always willing to help. I developed friendships that I am sure will be lifelong.

Nisarg Parikh

Barry University’s master program in Biomedical Sciences gave me the edge I needed to get accepted to dental school. The 1 year program prepared me for the demanding schedule I would soon face. My experience at Barry helped me achieve my professional goals and left me with friends that I will keep for life!

Brandy Rubinski

Words cannot describe how fortunate I am for making the decision to attend Barry University. Thanks to the Biomedical Sciences program and its wonderful faculty, not only was I prepared for admission to medical school, but even more importantly, in my opinion, is the amount of success I have experienced as a current medical student. All aspects of Barry University more than exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend this program to all prospective students who desire a career in the health

Theron Williams

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