Biomedical Sciences Faculty

Program Administrators

Dr. Sathees B. Chandra, PhD

Program Director, Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Health Professions Advisor

Phone: 305-981-1196

Chandra completed his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India. He obtained his Master of Science in Biology from Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands. He developed a genetics map of honeybees while at the Ohio State University, Columbus where he earned his PhD degree. For a couple of years, Chandra did his post-doctoral training in genetics at University of California, Davis. Then he joined Roosevelt University in Chicago as a faculty member, where he was a tenured Associate Professor of Genetics for 12 years, and also served as the Coordinator for the Bioinformatics Graduate Program. During this time, he collaborated extensively with private research biotech industries in the Chicago area as well as medical institutions in India. He also held an Administrative Fellowship position in the Provost’s Office at Roosevelt University.

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Dr. Jorge Lopez, PhD

Assistant Program Director, Biomedical Sciences
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences


Lopez received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Havana University, Cuba in 1998. He obtained his PhD degree in Pharmacology from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 2008. For his doctoral degree, he worked on the effects of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep on hippocampal maturation. He then joined the University of Michigan as a post-doctoral researcher and expanded his work to investigate influence of age-related changes in sleep and circadian rhythms on cognition and mental health. He has an active research interest in sleep habits and their effects on academic performance.