About the BSW Program

What is Social Work?

Social Work is more than a job. It is a ‘calling’! It is a profession that empowers you to help individuals, families, & communities that are in need. Social Work is a passion. You will step into people’s lives and YOU will make a difference! Every day, social workers touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Social workers strive to find solutions for many of society’s greatest challenges. It’s not just a job; it’s a life-changing experience.

Social work is one of the most flexible, personally rewarding degrees you can earn; providing economic stability and financial security, while opening the door to a virtually endless variety of careers that manifest in a range of settings that include schools, hospitals, government agencies, and family services organizations. Social Work offers flexibility!

Understanding the BSW degree?

In the Bachelor of Social Work program, you will complete 45 credits from five different curricular divisions, giving you a strong liberal arts background. Your professional social work education will consist of 13 social work courses (39 credits) and 2 upper division psychology courses (Theories of Personality and Abnormal Psychology). Your senior year will include a yearlong field placement in a human service agency in South Florida, along with three practice courses.

Why get an undergraduate degree in social work from Barry?

  • Students are eligible to enter Barry University’s 7-month advanced standing Master’s in Social Work Program
  • No additional costs for out-of-state tuition
  • Service learning and internship opportunities during your junior and senior years
  • Obtaining tangible skill sets such as assessing client & community needs, advocating for vulnerable populations, understanding human behavior and multicultural influences, organizing community events, evaluating the efficacy of programs, conducting research, and understanding the process for seeking grant funding.