BUCkids Summer Camp Activities

BUCkids Camp provides campers ages 5-12 with an array of activities through out the summer. This eight week BUCkids Camp Calendar provides an oversight of the programs and activities the camp offers. Please note that this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. We also provide a more specific Daily Schedule and our Lunch Menu for your convenience.

Summer Camp Calendar



At the BUCkids Summer Camp, we believe in Fun, Fitness, and Friendship. We also strive to shape our youths in a positive way. We address this through the educational component of our camp as well as through our volunteer efforts that impact our local community. WOW stands for Bucky’s Words of Wisdom. Every week, Bucky will give campers “character building” words that they will learn to use and incorporate throughout the week. Every child that uses the word of the week (WOW) in a positive manner will be rewarded. Each group that exemplifies the “character building” word the most throughout the week, and can really “WOW” Bucky, will also be rewarded. The goal behind the WOW program is to reinforce morals and values into our campers’ lives. Hopefully, your child will not only demonstrate good character at camp, but s/he will learn to apply it to every aspect of life, so they too can WOW the world!



Every Wednesday, we put a twist into the day by making it a little different. We ask that your child participate in these fun and silly days where campers and counselors alike are asked to dress up in some sort of “wacky” attire. Whether it is wearing your favorite sports jersey or some cozy pajamas, we encourage everyone to be a little “wacky” on Wednesdays. Wacky Wednesdays allow campers to drop their guard and be natural, silly, and laugh at themselves.



These trips are also know as special events and are great opportunities for campers to escape the everyday camp schedule and just be free. Field trips are both educational and fun and are a good way to end the week. Some special events are hosted here at camp. Since the BUCkids Camp is fortunate to have use of high quality, university facilities, we can offer excellent programs that take advantage of these sites. Transportation costs and admission costs are all a part of tuition, so there are no added expenses to the week!! Camp t-shirts are required on field trip days.



These nights are a favorite among the campers. Freedom Nights are nights were BUCkids Camp offers extended camp hours so that parents may enjoy a"free", relaxed night away form their kid(s). It is also a night for campers to be"free" from their parents and just act like kids. Each and every Freedom Night is different and unique, but you can be"Relaxed" knowing that your child is having a great time.

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Look through our Parent Packet for a full explanation of what your child will need for camp.