Administrative Information Systems Mission

The mission of Administrative Information Systems (AIS) is to support the fundamental purpose of the University, which is to offer students a quality education. Furthermore, Barry commits itself to assuring a religious dimension and to providing community service and presence within a more caring environment.

In direct support of this mission, and in response to the rapidly changing world of technology, Administrative Information Systems strives to improve administrative effectiveness and efficiency through the use of a comprehensive database approach to institutional management.

The goal of Administrative Information Systems is to support that mission by ensuring that local and remote faculty, students, staff, Trustees, and the public have real-time access to information required for instruction, learning, and informed decision-making. To achieve this objective, AIS assists in determining the needs of the user community, and provides resources and support to meet those needs. In addition, AIS works with the University to improve business process automation and shares the Universit's commitment to "recognize Information as a resource which must be planned and managed effectively, utilizing available technology." (Objective 5 under Goal V of Major Institutional Goals in the Long-Range Plan 1998-2000).

Areas of Responsibility

This mission is defined specifically through functional areas within Administrative Information Systems.

Systems Services provides technical support for administrative computer systems; administers hardware and software configurations to optimize system performance; installs application software releases and upgrades for all administrative software and hardware applications (Colleague/Benefactor/Envision, Unidata, Equinox dataswitch, and other third-party products); performs periodic file maintenance and purging; and maintains and enforces operating system, user access, and file access security.

Database Services provides a central point for overall management of the institutional database; coordinates operational use of administrative applications for Student Systems, Human Resources, Fundraising, Financials, and Core systems (central repository for "person" data); implements applications software releases, upgrades, and enhancements; develops and offers training to end-users on data-entry screens and standards, query reporting, and application tools necessary to perform their jobs; and performs systems analysis to ensure database integrity and accuracy.

Technical Services provides technical and management for software application programming; performs analysis, specification, and design of custom application programming for database design, resource reporting, export to desktop applications, and web interface for both inquiry and transaction processing.

Response Line provides a central point of contact for administrative computing support; resolves simple operational problems or issues; and performs daily operational system tasks.

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