The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting prepares students for careers in auditing, corporate accounting, management consulting, governmental and not-for-profit organizations, and taxation. It equips the prospective business executive with tools for intelligent analysis, planning, control, and decision making. Graduates of this program have and will continue to be among the leaders of the profession and the worldwide business community. The accounting curriculum provides an excellent background for the student who wishes to pursue graduate work in business, public administration or law. Because this curriculum is highly structured and courses must be taken in a certain order, interested students should select this major as soon as possible in order to graduate within four years.

Accounting graduates who meet the requirements of the State Board of Public Accountancy of Florida are eligible to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination in Florida. Most states (including Florida) require accounting professionals who wish to be licensed as Certified Public Accountants to complete 150 semester hours of education. Those who wish to engage in public accounting practice in Florida as certified public accountants should familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations issued by the Florida State Board of Public Accountancy. Students planning to practice outside Florida should consult the CPA board in their intended state of residence (call 1-800-CPA-EXAM for additional information).

Business Core (39 credits)

BUS181Introduction to Business
ACC201Financial Accounting
ACC202Managerial Accounting
ECO202Principles Microeconomics
BUS239Business Law I
MGT305Organizational Behavior and Management
MGT325Business Processes and Supply Chain Management
MKT306Principles of Marketing
BUS311Applications of Statistics in Business
BUS315Introduction to Information Systems
FIN319Managerial Finance
BUS366International Business
BUS498Strategic Management

Business Electives (3 credits)

Accounting Major (24 credits)

ACC335Int. Acc. I
ACC336Int. Acc. II
ACC337Int. Acc. III
ACC360Cost Acc.
ACC362Fed. Inc. Tax
ACC400Acc. Info Sys.
ACC435Adv. Acc.

Distribution Requirements with co-requisites

Theology and Philosophy (9 credits)


Communication Arts - Oral and Written (9 credits)


Natural Science and Mathematics (9 credits)

MAT108Precal for Business
MAT152Elem Prob & Stats

Behavioral and Social Sciences (9 credits)

ECO201Principles of Macroeconomics
(3 credits required from: ANT, CRM, PSY, SOC)

Humanities and Arts (9 credits)

Non-Business Electives (15 credits)

CS180Introduction to Computers
ORI100Freshman Seminar
ORI300Career Readiness