The International Business Major

The global economy is a reality, and global trade and investment are growing at unprecedented rates.  The International Business major is ideally suited for students eager to embark on careers in international business as well as those who prefer to focus their efforts on domestic markets.   Barry’s International Business majors will gain solid business knowledge and skills as well as the ability to understand and manage the complexities inherent in the international marketplace.  Our location in Miami, a recognized international business center and home to people of many different cultures, affords International Business majors numerous options to see and directly participate in international business ventures.  Truly, there is no better place than Miami to experience international business!

Completing the International Business major will prepare students for exciting careers in corporate, entrepreneurial, and public sector environments as well as with multilateral institutions.  Past graduates now have successful careers in international marketing, research & analysis, finance, trade, supply chain management, planning, and operations.  The International Business major is also an excellent choice for students planning to attend graduate programs such as law, international relations, and public policy where the understanding of the international marketplace and global institutions is important.

International Business majors are encouraged to select a double major within the School of Business (e.g., marketing, finance, etc.) or a minor from another School (e.g. public relations, computer science) to deepen their knowledge of a functional area to assist them in obtaining their first post-graduation positions.

Several aspects of the International Business major differentiate it from other majors, including:

Internships:International Business majors have the unique opportunity to gain relevant, practical work experience prior to graduation through the program’s required international and domestic internships.

Foreign Language:  All International Business majors must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language (either by completing 12 credits of foreign language coursework or by successfully passing a language proficiency exam).

Study Abroad:International Business majors are encouraged to study abroad during their sophomore or junior year to broaden their international knowledge and experience base.  The School of Business works through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) to provide many study abroad opportunities and has partnerships with business schools in Europe. 

International Business Advisor

Please contact Dr. Nicole Castater, Director of the International Business Program, with any questions about the major. In addition, International Business majors should contact her early in their academic careers to plan their coursework and internships as well as to discuss study abroad options.

She can be reached at (305) 899-3522, in Andreas 210.

Required Coursework for the International Business Major

Business Core (39 credits)
BUS181Introduction to Business
ACC201Financial Accounting
ACC202Managerial Accounting
ECO202Principles Microeconomics
BUS239Business Law I
MGT305Organizational Behavior and Management
MGT325Business Processes and Supply Chain Management
MKT306Principles of Marketing
BUS311Applications of Statistics in Business
BUS315Introduction to Information Systems
FIN319Managerial Finance
BUS366International Business
BUS498Strategic Management
Business Electives (3 credits)
International Business Major (21 credits)
ECO 326 Int’l Economics
FIN 327 Intl. Finance
MGT 336 Cross-Cultural Mgt.
MKT 466 International Mktg.
BUS 341/441 International Internship
BUS 342/442Domestic Internship
Elective (3hrs.)

Distribution Requirements with co-requisites

Theology and Philosophy (9 credits)
Communication Arts - Oral and Written (9 credits)
ENG 112/210
Natural Science and Mathematics (9 credits)
MAT108 Precal for Business
MAT 152 Elem Prob & Stats
Behavioral and Social Sciences (9 credits)
ECO201Principles of Macroeconomics
(3 credits required from: ANT, CRM, PSY, SOC)
Humanities and Arts (9 credits)
Non-Business Electives (15 credits)
CS180Introduction to Computers
ORI100Freshman Seminar
ORI300Career Readiness