Five-Year Seamless Bs In Sport Management And Business Administration To Ms In Sport Management

The Andreas School of Business offers students who qualify the opportunity to do the BS in Sport Management and Business Administration and the MS in Sport Management in five years. Prospective students can apply for the program when completing their admission application. Students who are currently pursuing the BS in Sport Management and Business Administration can change to the five-year BS to MS program if by the end of their fifth semester of study they have obtained a 3.0 cumulative GPA to begin graduate coursework. The curriculum for the five year program requires completion of 150 credits:

Business Core (30 Credits)

ACC201Financial Accounting
ACC202Managerial Accounting
BUS239Business Law I
MGT305Organizational Behavior and Management
MGT325Business Processes and Supply Chain Management
MKT306Principles of Marketing
BUS311Applications of Statistics in Business
BUS315Introduction to Information Systems
FIN319Managerial Finance
MGT352Human Resources Management

Sport Management Core (30 Credits)

SMB250 Sport and Recreation Management
SMB360Leisure Planning and Programming
SMB440Sport Marketing, Promotions & Fund Raising
SMB444Financial Applications to Sport
SMB480Contemporary Issues & Ethics in Sport
SMB499Internship in Sport Management (9 credits)
SMB532Facilities and Event Management
SMB585The Law in SES

Distribution Requirements With Co-Requisites

Theology And Philosophy (9 Credits)

PHI292 Ethics

Communication Arts - Oral And Written (9 Credits)

ENG 112/210

Natural Science And Mathematics (9 Credits)

MAT108Precal for Business
MAT152Elem Prob & Stats

Behavioral And Social Sciences (9 Credits)

ECO 201Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202Principles of Microeconomics
(3 credits required from: ANT, CRM, PSY, SOC)

Humanities And Arts (9 Credits)

ART205Graphic Design Foundations (Recommended)

General Electives (15 Credits)

CS180Introduction to Computers
ORI100 Freshman Seminar

Sport Management Graduate Requirements

Sport Management Core(30 Credits)

SMB533Sport Marketing Management (3)
SMB544Financial Applications to Sport (3)
SMB616Research Methods (3)
SMB621Ethics and Social Issues in Sport(3)
SMB679Internship/Project (6)
12 Credits Of Smb, Mba, Ses Electives From Approved List
SMB 689 Thesis I(3)
SMB690 Thesis II(3)
SMB624Advanced Statistics in SES (3)
SES 630 Advanced Quantitative Research(3)
9 Credits Of Smb, Mba, Ses Electives From Approved List

Course Electives

SMB530Managing the Sport Enterprise(3)
SMB533 Sport Marketing Management(3)
SMB600Advanced Studies(3)
SES630Advanced Quantitative Research(3)
SMB652Labor Relations in Sport(3)
SMB 663Risk Management (3)
SMB531Media Relations in Sport(3)
SMB532Facilities and Event Planning(3)
SMB535Managing Professional Sport(3)
SES537Sport Psychology (3)
SES618Fitness and Wellness Promotion(3)
SMB686Advanced Practicum(3)
SMB701Special Topics(3)
MBA601Human Resource Management(3)
MBA605Entrepreneurial Management(3)
MBA660Managerial Accounting (3)
(MBA pre-requisite)
MBA 681Economics for Strategic Decisions (3)

Degree Total (Bs In Sport Management And Business Administration To Ms In Sport Management): 150 Credits