Minor in Leisure and Recreation Management

The minor in Leisure and Recreation Management is available for students interested in broadening their knowledge in the leisure field. This minor is designed to prepare students enrolled in other majors for career opportunities in the recreation industry. A student may earn a minor in Leisure and Recreation Management by selecting 21 credit hours from the following courses:

Recommended Courses:

SES 260Leisure Programming and Planning3
SES 262Recreational Leadership3
SES 292Commercial Recreation3
SES 328Theory of Coaching3
SES 346Wilderness Expeditionary Training3
SES 380Facility Design and Event Management3
SES 388Sport Ecotourism3
SES 390Natural Resource Recreation Management3
SES 422Principles of Sport Travel and Tourism3
SES 440Sport Marketing, Promotions, and Fund Raising 3
SES 444Financial Applications to Sport3
SES 470Methods & Practice of Teaching Elementary Physical Education4
SES 476Methods & Practice of Teaching Secondary Physical Education4
TOTAL:Leisure and Recreation Minor21 credits