What does the CAL Program offer?


Each student receives four hours of scheduled one-to-one tutoring sessions per week. During this time, students build on academic skills while working on course content. Students may also access additional help on a walk-in basis during open tutorial sessions. CAL employs only professional tutors, some with advanced degrees in their areas of specialty. Peer tutors are not utilized.

Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations include taking exams or quizzes in a distraction-reduced environment for an extended amount of time. Accommodations are specific to students’ particular learning needs but can be any of the following: reader, scribe, calculator, and computer for written exams.

Note: Students with diagnosed learning disabilities who are not enrolled in the CAL Program can receive testing accommodations at no cost by registering with the Office of Disability Services (305) 899-3488.


Advising is an integral part of the CAL Program and directly related to academic success. The CAL advisor helps students select courses based on their interests, learning styles, and skill levels. In addition to selecting courses, the advisor may assist students in specific program requirements, effective scheduling and time management, enhancing self-advocacy and efficacy, and developing a better understanding of their individual learning profiles.


Students of the CAL Program know that they can speak with the Director regarding any issue or concern they might have. If necessary, the Director communicates with faculty and other university departments in order to collaborate in problem-solving efforts.

Team Approach

The CAL Program believes in a collaborative, problem-solving approach in promoting a student's academic success. Ideally, the CAL staff, students and parents work together, especially in the first semester, to effect transitioning. The Program is based on a gradual release of responsibility model. The goal is to assist all students to become self-regulating college students as early as possible.

Strategies for Academic Success (ST 010) Course

The ST 010 course was designed to meet the transitional needs of students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders as they prepare for post-secondary education. This two credit course focuses on the development of time management skills, study strategies, and the self-monitoring skills needed to be academically successful. The syllabus, assignments, and presentations are geared towards topics/areas of significant relevance to the first year college experience and beyond.

Assistance in Obtaining Study Aids

CAL students can also receive classroom accommodations and assistance in obtaining study aids such as audio books, Smart Pen audio recording device, and assistive technology.