Services Provided by the Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) Program


Students are assigned to tutors based on their particular class schedule and individual learning needs.  Psychoeducational evaluation reports are critically examined in order to determine each student’s specific and particular learning challenges, keeping their best interests and personalized academic needs in mind. 

Every student receives at least four hours of scheduled individualized tutoring sessions on a weekly basis.  Students can also avail themselves to tutors’ open hour tutorial sessions in order to receive additional assistance.  CAL tutors have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in their area of specialty.  Peer tutors are not utilized.

Testing Accomodations

Accommodations depend on each particular student’s learning profile.  These accommodations are made to equalize access to the curricula and to "level the playing field" when taking exams. CAL students can utilize accommodations such as extended time, distraction-reduced testing environment, readers, scribes, and computers for written exams.

Note: Barry University students who are not in the CAL Program can receive testing and classroom accommodations at no cost by registering with the Office of Disability Services (305) 899-3488.


All CAL students are advised by the Director of the CAL Program.  Advising sessions are not solely based on selecting courses, but also on the development of self-regulated learning, practicing the skills of goal setting, effective scheduling and time management, self-advocacy and efficacy, and the maintenance of psychological and physical wellbeing.  If particular needs are beyond the program's scope, personalized arrangements are made to access appropriate assistance.


When necessary, CAL personnel communicate with faculty and other university departments in order to collaborate in problem-solving efforts.  Students know they can speak with the CAL Program Director regarding any issue or concern they might have.

Team Approach

The CAL Program believes in a collaborative, problem-solving approach in promoting a student's academic success. Ideally, the CAL staff, students and parents work together, especially in the first semester, to effect transitioning. The Program is based on a gradual release of responsibility model. The goal is to assist all students to become self-regulating college students as early as possible.

Strategies for Academic Success (ST 010) Course

The ST 010 course was designed to develop the self-regulating and compensatory strategies that will assist incoming CAL students in meeting the demands of post-secondary education.   The syllabus and assignments are created in order to provide CAL students with the necessary academic, social, and self-advocacy skills needed to be included in the university learning community.  This two credit course is specifically designed to best meet the individualized learning needs of the students enrolled.  Collaborations with the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services as well as with the Office of Career Services offer students regular presentations regarding specific topics/areas of significant relevance to the first year college experience. 

Assistance in Obtaining Study Aids

When documented disability warrants, students are provided with additional study aids such as carbonless copy paper, SmartPen audio recording device, or volunteer note-takers.


CAL students have unlimited access to computers within the CAL Program.  To address problems with reading comprehension and written composition, students can avail themselves to assistive technology such as WYNN Software for reading and Dragon Naturally Speaking for composition.

Cost of the CAL Program

The fee is $3,500 per semester and may be subject to change.

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