New Words at Mass

"New Words, the Same Mass, a Deeper Meaning"

Barry Prepares for Changes in the Prayers Used at Mass

Beginning November 27, the First Sunday of Advent, we will be hearing and using a new translation of the English prayers used at Mass. This change is happening in the USA and in every English-speaking country in the whole world. The Mass is not changing but there will be changes to many of the responses and prayers we use as an assembly. There will also be changes in the translation of the prayers led by the priest at Mass. The new translation is closer to the original Latin texts. It is more formal in tone and will take some time to get used to. The next few weeks and months will be challenging! But they will also provide an opportunity for us to go more deeply into the meaning of the sacred mystery we celebrate at Mass.

What follows is basic information to help you and the rest of the Barry community understand what is changing and why. We also include links you can use to explore further resources on your own. The Campus Ministry staff hopes that you will find this information interesting and helpful as we all prepare together for these important changes. Watch for further announcements of upcoming events related to this topic on Bucwis and Facebook.

The following documents explain the changes and the words at Mass. (To be able to read the PDF file, you need the FREE Adobe Reader (Ver. 3.0 or later), available from Adobe Systems Inc.)