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    Course Descriptions

    The following courses all have the CVP prefix. The number of credits is indicated in parentheses after each course title.

    310 Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology (3)

    Structure and mechanisms by which the cardiovascular system functions in relationship to other organ systems. Prerequisite: Program Admission.

    340 Basic Surgery and Monitoring (2)

    Exposure of sterile and aseptic techniques, interrelationships among personnel and surgical techniques within the operating room relating to perfusion. Prerequisite: Program Admission.

    350 Perfusion Technology I (3)

    Introduction to the various components that comprise the software and hardware of the perfusion circuit and techniques in their utilization. Prerequisite: Program Admission.

    360 Perfusion Devices and Lab I (1)

    Extensive hands-on experience in the perfusion wet-lab. Students learn and demonstrate proper circuit assembly with knowledge of the mechanics. Prerequisite: Program Admission.

    400 Cardiovascular Pharmacology (3)

    Study of the various pharmacological interventions utilized for cardiovascular patients. Prerequisites: CVP 310, 340, and 350.

    410 Research Methodology (1)

    Applications of how to interpret, write, and present scientific data pertinent to perfusion science. Prerequisites: CVP 350 and 360.

    420 Cardiology (2)

    Study of normal and abnormal EKG's, echocardiography, electrophysiology treatments, cardiac catheterization, and related procedures. Prerequisites: CVP 310 and 340.

    430 Physiological Management of Bypass (2)

    Understanding physiological changes occurring during bypass with safety plan. Prerequisite: Program Admission.

    440 Cardiovascular Pathology (3)

    Understanding of pathological conditions that exist in all organ systems, with special emphasis on the cardiovascular system. Prerequisite: CVP 310.

    450 Perfusion Technology II (3)

    Emphasis on the numerous long-term support technologies that are utilized separately or in conjunction with the heart-lung machine. Prerequisite: CVP 350.

    460 Perfusion Devices and Lab II (1)

    Emphasis on set-up and priming of different pump systems utilizing centrifugal pumps and perfusion techniques. Prerequisite: CVP 360.

    470 Clinical Practicum I (12)

    An introduction to clinical experience with the students' first major exposure to the operating room environment. (approximately 600 clinical hours) Prerequisites: CVP 400, 410, 420, 440, 450, 460.

    475 Clinical Practicum II (12)

    Essentials of clinical perfusion with emphasis on cardiopulmonary bypass case management. (approximately 600 clinical hours) Prerequisite: CVP 470.

    480 Clinical Practicum III (12)

    Operation of complex perfusion related devices and students' participation in emergency procedures. (approximately 600 clinical hours) Prerequisite: CVP 475.

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