Giving to the CARE Center

Barry University’s CARE Center needs your support of its mission. Your passion and support for knowledge and truth, inclusive community, social justice, and collaborative service opens a world of possibilities for our students and the communities we serve through the CARE Center.

By giving online, your contribution will make a huge impact for our community, as well as create opportunities and promote excellence within the CARE Center. Your giving will help fund:

  • A physical facility with equipped space for an administrative office, a waiting room, a minimum of nine rooms that would serve as either clinical (counseling, testing, tutoring) or observation rooms, and a room to store clinical and therapeutic resources.
  • Equipment
    • 10 X 10 floor-to-ceiling filing cabinets
    • 3 computer workstations
    • Printer + fax
    • Chairs and end tables
    • Magazine rack
    • Assessment instruments and therapeutic resources
    • 6 video cameras with microphone
    • 28 adult-size chairs and 12 end tables
    • 11 child-size tables
    • 2 four-foot low tables for children
    • Laptop for electronic testing and protocol scoring
    • Audio tape recorder/CD player
    • Sand/Water tray, life-like puppets, doll house, etc.
    • 3 Flat screen TV monitors
    • 6 video recorders (DVR) and playbacks (for each connecting clinical room)

In order to guarantee your gift is received by our CARE Center, please make sure to type "CARE Center” within the "Other" box. Any gift amount will be greatly appreciated.

Your donations are tax-deductible in accord with the Internal Revenue Service regulations. More information about gift designation.