College Reach Out Programs (C.R.O.P.)

Funded by Florida Department of Education

The College Reach-Out Program (C.R.O.P.) was awarded $54,926.64 for 2015-2016 by the Florida Department of Education. C.R.O.P. provides special support to low-income, underrepresented and educationally disadvantaged students in grades 6-12 in order to motivate and prepare them to attend college and complete their post-secondary education. Without intervention, those students would be unlikely to seek admission to a postsecondary institution.

Barry University’s CARE Center recognizes that familial, environmental, peer, and individual factors have a great impact on a student’s development, whether, academic, personal, and career. As a result, Barry-C.R.O.P. is the only program of its kind in the state of Florida to offer therapeutic counseling services to its participants and family members in addition to other academic and supportive services. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to school achievement and facilitate academic and personal success.

Since 1999, Florida Department of Education has supported Barry University-C.R.O.P. through funded grant awards. As a result, Barry University C.R.O.P. has been able to serve an estimated 2,000 (as of 2014) students through various psychosocial and academic supportive program services.

Program Services

C.R.O.P. participants attending C.R.O.P. school sites are provided with the following services with a goal to be academically, personally, culturally, and emotionally enriched:

  • Individual and group counseling services are conducted at the participant’s middle and high school with a focus on leadership and character development.
  • Family Counseling Services are offered to C.R.O.P. participants and their families at no cost through Barry University’s CARE Center.
    • Barry University continues to recognize that the family is an integral part of a student’s development whether academically, personally, or career. Family Counseling Services are offered to assist with factors outside of school that also impact the student’s ability to continue to a post-secondary academic opportunity.
  • Workshops are designed to support C.R.O.P. participants, parents, and their community. Workshops focus on students’ curiosity, imagination, investigation, motivation, life skills, parental support, school and community engagement, college educational goals, and career opportunities.
  • Mentoring Program provides middle and high school students the opportunity to be mentored by college students with exposure to college life, settings, and have conversations about college, its barriers, and ways to overcome them.
  • Tutorial Instruction may be offered to middle and high school students in the various school subject areas that they may find challenging.
  • Civic Engagement Opportunities allow for middle and high school students to contribute, improve, and make a difference in their communities through various activities such as food drives, cleaning parks, and beaches. Students who participate in various events receive documented Community Service Hours.
  • Summer Science Camp on the Barry University Campus or on other participating University campuses, engage C.R.O.P. middle and high school students to focus on science, math, reading, public speaking, and vocabulary skills through Sports and Wellness.
  • Summer Residential Program provides middle school C.R.O.P. participants with a summer residential (on-campus) experience! Students will be engaged in STEM activities through different hands-on experiences that foster learning in innovative ways; Marine Science (snorkeling/kayaking), lab experiments, Environmental Science (mangroves/wetlands), and learning about leadership roles and character development.
  • Summer Residential Program provides high school C.R.O.P. participants (completing their Junior year) with a college life experience! Students live in the residence halls at Barry University or other participating University for one-week and attend classes, seminars, and special sessions. Students also participate in instructional and leadership activities, career and financial planning workshops. In addition, participants prepare their personal statements that they will use in their college application process.
  • College tours and Field Trips are opportunities for students who have demonstrated active participation in C.R.O.P. opportunities throughout the year, to gain first-hand exposure to colleges and universities with special tours and visits.

C.R.O.P.’s ultimate purpose is to help participants succeed at home, in middle school, to transition into high school, and on into postsecondary education as important members of our community.

Performance Outcomes

  • Greater academic promotion rates for students in grades 6-11 (94 percent versus 87 percent for the non-C.R.O.P. cohort)
  • Higher average grade point averages (GPA) while in high school (2.56 versus 2.24)
  • Higher high school graduation rates with a standard diploma (86 percent versus 65 percent)
  • Higher passing rates on the 10th grade FCAT, fulfilling one of the requirements for a standard diploma
  • Greater levels of proficiency on all sections of the FCAT for 8th graders and 10th graders
  • Higher enrollment rates in Florida’s higher education system, when graduating with a standard diploma (69 percent versus 58 percent)
  • Higher passing rate for all grades combined on the Algebra I End-of-Course (EOC) Exam and for 9th graders (the grade with the most test takers)
  • Greater utilization of the Bright Futures Scholarship and need-based financial aid such as the Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG)
C.R.O.P. Annual Evaluation: 2010-2011 Cohort with 2011-2012 Postsecondary Outcomes


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Jannine Sayago-Gonzalez, M.A.
College Reach-Out Program Coordinator
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