Below is a list of events the office of Career Development Center hosts. Click on the link to obtain more details on the events:

Industry Specific Career Fairs

Career Fairs are held on the Barry main campus for the purpose of bringing together local, regional and national employers with students and alumni in a variety of fields and interests. The Career Development Center has broken away from the traditional career fair and has implemented industry specific career fairs. This allows more students with specific interests to meet one on one with employers in their desired field. The emphasis is on networking: making good impressions and developing contacts that will hopefully lead to formal job interviews.

Examples of Industry Specific Career Fairs include (but are not limited to): Nursing and Health Sciences Career Fair, Counseling and Social Service Career Fair, Business Career Fair, and Sport Industry Career Fair.

Part-Time Job Fair

The Part-Time Job Fair offers the opportunity for students to meet local employers who are in need to quickly hire students. This event will be well-suited for students who need extra spending money, didn’t get as much financial aid as they planned, and/or would like to gain some work experience before they graduate.

Majors/Minors Fair

This event is for students who are having trouble deciding on a major, want to change major, are interested in adding a minor to their current studies, would like to know more about what they can do with their current major, and/or want to learn more about academic options ideal for the future professional career route they want to pursue. All academic departments will be present to discuss major/minor options. Students can also learn how their values, interests, skills and campus activities relate to their majors.

Graduate School Fair

Thinking about Graduate School? Local, national and international schools will visit Barry University to answer your questions about the application process, share what they look for in prospective students, discuss deadlines and provide further information about programs offered.

As you think about continuing your education with graduate, medical or law school, you can visit Career Development Center for assistance in choosing an institution, completing the application process and creating a personal statement. Counselors are available to assist you in decisions ranging from what to pursue an advanced degree in to where to apply.

Graduate School Practice Exams

Most graduate programs require an entrance exam as part of their admissions requirements. Take advantage of this opportunity to take a FREE practice version of the GRE, LSAT and MCAT. You’ll receive a detailed score report which will help you figure out how prepared you are for the real exam. This opportunity will also allow you to develop strategies to improve your score for the real exam.

International Student Job Search Presentations

Searching for a job can easily become frustrating and overwhelming for students who are not familiar with the job-search processes in the United States. The Career Development Center and the Office of International and Multicultural Programs collaborate to conduct luncheon presentations, which cover job-search steps, common mistakes, and effective strategies for international students.

Careers in...Panels

The purpose of these panels is to expose students to professionals in the world of work. In addition, to promote discussions regarding career paths for different majors, ask questions, and serve as an excellent networking opportunity.

Each year the Career Development Center collaborates with different academic departments to host career panels for their students.

Mock Interview Day

As part of ORI 300, a Career Readiness course, registered students participate in a mock interview day. During this event, students in the class are interviewed by an employer for about 30 minutes. At the end of the interview, students receive feedback on their performance and are given tips to improve. Mock interviews allow students to practice interviewing and receive feedback from professionals in a more informal way in order to prepare for a real interview.

Employer Information Sessions and On-Campus Interviews

Employers looking to recruit Barry students set up informational sessions to describe their organization. During these sessions, employers present topics including their clients, products, services, and opportunities within their company. This is also a great networking occasion. After our career fairs and throughout the year, employers also hold on-campus interviews at Barry University.