Career Assessments

One of the biggest decisions in life is “what you want to do when you grow up”. This decision has major implications for your financial future and it also impacts where you will live, whether you will move, the level of job security, the level of personal satisfaction and your personal growth/development opportunities.

Having trouble deciding on a major and a career? If so, you’re not alone. Choosing a major may be a challenge and choosing the right career can be a full-time endeavor. Developing your career plans is an ongoing extensive process.

  • Recent studies have shown that almost 2 out of every 3 college students have changed majors at least once.
  • Experts estimate that students today will change careers 3-5 times over the course of their working life.

People are constantly changing, growing, and developing. This is why deciding on a major and a career can be a difficult and confusing process often leaving you frustrated and wishing that someone else would make that decision for you. Well intended parents, teachers and friends make suggestions like: “go into nursing because there is a shortage of nurses and it pays well”, or “go into computer science because there are plenty of jobs”, or “major in business because you can do lots of things with a business major”. Society tells you that you need to have a six figure income and drive a fancy car in order to be successful.

As a student-athlete, you feel even more pressured than non-athletes because the NCAA rules require you to declare a major after freshman year and impose restrictions on changing majors. While you may be unsure, you will be required to make a hasty decision. Yet, finding a career that is meaningful to you is a process that often takes time. Fortunately, the Career Development Center staff can help you select a MAJOR. You can meet with Career counselors to help you:

  1. determine career interests, values and skills and personality
  2. broaden awareness of major options, and
  3. identify the ideal career for you.

The career development process involves relating what you know about yourself to what you know about various educational and career possibilities. Therefore, it is important to get to know yourself and your options to choose a college major and career. Whether you have one or not, knowing your unique patterns of skills, values, interests and personality characteristics will help you make a better match with a major or career. For a nominal fee per assessment, the Career Development Center offers students the opportunity to begin that self-discovery process through two paper-based assessment. After completing the assessment(s), an appointment is scheduled with a career counselor for interpretation of the results. To help you explore and expand your career options and/or in choosing or changing your major, the Career Development Center proposes the two following types of assessment tools:

  1. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is used to obtain occupational-related information according to your personality.
  2. Strong Interest Inventory is used to obtain occupational-related information according to your interests.

These assessments will enable you to evaluate your career and educational options based upon your own characteristics, paving the way for a satisfactory career choice. Several career assessment tools help you assess your individual values, interests, personality, and skills as they relate to occupations and fields of study. It is important to understand that these assessments will not tell you which occupation to choose or predict a career path; instead, it will help you identify career areas that may be a good fit for you. The final decision will be all yours!

If you are interested in taking these assessments, contact the Career Development Center at 305-899-4010 or stop by the CDC in Landon 205 to set up an appointment with a career counselor and take the first step in discovering your true calling.