Discover Your Calling

Related Career Events

Majors & Minors Fair

This event is for students who are having trouble deciding on a major, want to change major, are interested in adding a minor to their current studies, would like to know more about what they can do with their current major, and/or want to learn more about academic options ideal for the future professional career route they want to pursue. All academic departments will be present to discuss major/minor options. Students can also learn how their values, interests, skills and campus activities relate to their majors.

Discover Your Calling Workshop

The purpose of the Discover Your Calling events is to help students recognize the importance of finding out their passion for a rewarding career. Students learn the stories of professionals who are passionate about and satisfied with their career path, and understand the keys to success and happiness in career life.

Career Panels

The purpose of these panels is to expose students to professionals in the world of work. In addition, to promote discussions regarding career paths for different majors, ask questions, and serve as an excellent networking opportunity.