Intergroup Dialogue Series: TRACKS

Intergroup Dialogue Series

What is Intergroup Dialogue?

Intergroup dialogue [IGD] is an innovative and versatile non-therapeutic group work approach that people can use to reduce prejudice and conflict, improve communication and relationships, and promote social change.

TRACKS is a program developed out of the University of Michigan to promote prejudice awareness/reduction, increase cross-cultural communication, and pursue social justice. Using an intergroup dialogue method in a closed-group setting, TRACKS provides a safe and in-depth facilitated discussion on a range of issues relating to privilege and oppression. Trained Facilitators help participants discuss their personal perspectives on issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, immigration, politics, etc. TRACKS focuses on topics of discussion that are current, trending and relevant within our society and culture. The intent is to promote honest exchange that incites understanding among diverse populations

  • Each series consists of 3 session dates
  • Closed sessions: You may NOT join a session if you were not present for the first one
  • Free dinner/lunch is usually provided
  • At the end of the series, a certificate of participation and a TRACKS t-shirt are provided.

The TRACKS Program has been in existence here at Barry since 2014 and has trained dozens of students from all majors and academic disciplines in the tenets of engaging in critical dialogue of complex topics in an effort to increase mutual understanding and reduce prejudice and discrimination. In spring 2018, the CHRSJ in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources launched the program to faculty and staff, as well as High School Students from the Liberty City community.

Following the Michigan Model from the University of Michigan National Intergroup Dialogue Institute, The TRACKS Program has been in existence here at Barry since 2014 and has trained students from all majors and academic disciplines. In spring 2018, the CHRSJ in collaboration with the Department of Human Resources launched the program to faculty and staff.

About the Dialogues:

In the past, we’ve had different types of dialogues on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, ability, gender and other topics. The program consists of 3 series and an option to be trained as a facilitator.

What participants had to say:

"In the 28 years I have been in the Barry community, the anti-discrimination statement our university has utilized has morphed with the needs of society to recognize the many forms of our humanity. Participating in the TRACKS dialogue gave me a unique opportunity to live in the discussion with others on how these most personal realities impact lives. It was a transformational experience I greatly value" Barry Staff.

I'm the type of person that likes asking the question "why?" I liked that this was an open space where I could explore a question not necessarily looking for an answer, but looking for another question -Student

"I loved participating in Tracks...every discussion has been beneficial to my personal growth." student

"Engaging in the TRACKS dialogues provided sustained opportunities for us to develop deep interpersonal relationships with BarryU colleagues from a variety of divisions and academic disciplines we might otherwise rarely have encountered. Our day-to-day silos dissolved during our precious lunchtime meetings, as we opened ourselves to mediated critical reflection and a (re)discovery of the shared humanity within ourselves, society, and the Barry University community at-large" Faculty

"I've learned we all live very distinct lives. not one person has experienced life the way that I have. and while that’s a phenomenal thing, its also complex. So we can learn a lot by simply speaking to each other about what life has like for us..." Student

If you’d like more information or to implement TRACKS, please contact Carolina Rios at

Intergroup Dialogue Series: TRACKS